"Running shorts under the gym shorts. If you sit with you back against my side and your legs down the bench, you will be safe. Whatever you do, do not sit with your knees up." Thomas pointed out before, pretending to read a book while he was rubber necking.

"I'll keep that in mind." she said, letting her feet dangle between the gap in the seat and the walkway of the metal bleachers. Keeping her thighs as flat against the seat as she could to prevent peeking. Though Thomas likely already tried if he had commented on it. It wouldn't be the first time.

She just sat there a moment staring at her cream white smooth legs, and sighed. Things just get more and more complicated every minute. If only the principal hadn't told her to go mingle if she wasn't going to play. She'd be in her room right now. In comfortable clothes and not this gym kit that made horny teenaged boys stare, it was nice in its own way but also terrifying. Thinking about it she reached up and touch the temple next to her fading blacked eye. Scary winning out on the feeling front.

"I'm used to baggier shorts." she mumbled to Thomas, though he likely didn't hear. "It's like this school wants pregnant teens they way the parade the girls around, and let the jocks leer."

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