Odd Ways To Bond

Ashley grinned as she liked to toy with him.

Ashley: Well I think we should get back to the game Jack. I am sure we will be missed by now.

Jack: You go ahead I need to calm my nerves after you rattled them up.
Ashley: Okay but be a good boy and don't get in trouble or I might have to take you over my knee.

Jack blushed as she said that and looked away. Ashley was a bit shocked as she caught him in a an embarrassing situation.

Ashley: Easy tiger. Someone needs a time out.

Ashley then got up and headed back to the cheerleaders.

As Ashley arrived she saw Coach Callahan approaching the freshman cheerleaders. Hoping to avoid any trouble she rushed to her cheer team and smiled as the girls were shushing each other. She had no idea what they were going on about but was not a good idea to gossip in front of the coach.

"Coach is coming. Shh." At the warning all of the girls fell silent and tightened up their stances a little bit. Coach went down each line, giving each girl a hard look. Her hands reached out and corrected form, Blossom's included. "I know you don't have any hips but your fist goes here," she moved Blossom's hand a fraction of an inch. Blossom flushed, face going splotchy red from more than the heat and exertion.
Moving down the line Callahan moved to stand behind another girl, hands running down her arms and across her much more pronounced hips, she was pretty enough and developed enough to be mistaken for a JV girl for sure, and gave the only bit of praise the squad earned. "There, you're perfect," Callahan said and Blossom saw the Coach lean in a little bit, hands on the girl's waist as she delivered the comment.
"Alright, five minutes. Hydrate and be back on time," Coach clapped once, sharp and loud and the girls scattered.
Most of them anyway. Coach held the one girl in place with her hands and started talking quietly to her. Blossom saw a really uncomfortable look on the girl's face but left her as did everyone else.

Ashley wasted no time grabbing her water bottle and running to where Jack was. She had no intention of hanging around the coach since her Jack was close by. She made it a point to have a water bottle since she was not a fan of the hot water from the water fountain. As she got closer to Jack she gained a bounce in her step since she was happy to see her Jack.

Ashley: Hi guys. Enjoying the game?

Jack: Not really.

Justin: Well it is a bit one sided.

Ashley looked at the game and sighed before looking back at them.

Ashley: True.

Then she skipped up and sat next to Jack and scooted next to him while smiling and sipping water from the built in straw from her water bottle. Then she put the bottle in front of Jack's face as she smiled at him.

Ashley: Jack you need to stay hydrated. It is hot out here.

Jack looked at the bottle in front of him and then as Ashley who smiled at him expecting him to comply with her request to drink after her. It was another big hurdle she wanted him to jump like it was nothing. As he sneered at her she cocked her head and put her hand on his kneecap. He soon changed his mind and opened his mouth so she could put the straw into his mouth so he could drink after her. She smiled as he drank a few sipped before pulling his head away from the bottle.

Jack: Thank you.

Ashley: Well what kind of girlfriend lets her Boo pass out from heat exhaustion.

Justin: How about I give you two a moment.

Ashley: Thank you Justin.

Justin waved at them as he left. Ashley waved back and then her bright and cheery smile turned to Jack.

Jack: I thought you were going to give me some alone time.

Ashley: I did. So you can indulge me for a mere five minutes till I have to go back.

Jack: Fine.

Ashley: Would you like some more water?

Jack: Are we at the level of sharing beverages now?

Ashley: Considering you drank after me I'd say we are.

Jack: Like I had a choice.

Ashley: Jack you know I do care about your health. If you were to pass out I would have to give you CPR.

Jack: You're doing it again.

Ashley: Doing what?

Jack: Making me do what you want.

Ashley: Oh Jack you are such a Grumpy Gus. Of course I am manipulating you. Its my job as a fiancé.

Jack: Wait what?

Ashley: I said its my job.

Jack: No the other part.

Ashley: You mean the Grumpy Gus part?

Jack: I mean the last part you said.

Ashley: The part about being your girlfriend?

Jack: No you said Fiancé.

Ashley: Oh well aren't we moving fast. Well if you insist.

Jack: Stop it Ash. Just stop messing with my head okay?

Ashley put her arm around Jack and pulled him gently till his head was leaning on her shoulder. He was feeling nervous since she was being extra nice to him again.

Ashley: Shhhhhhh..... relax Jack. I'm sorry for teasing you.

Jack: You're just saying that to mess with me again.

Ashley: I'm sorry for overdoing it.

Jack: I know the moment I drop my guard you're going to say or do something bad to me.

Ashley: What if I tell you my four sizes?

Jack: Okay......wait? What do you mean by four sizes? What is the fourth one?

Ashley raised her hand to show Jack as she smiled.

Ashley: My ring size silly.

Jack glared at her as he knew exactly what she meant.

Jack: Not funny Ash.

Ashley giggled as Jack was not amused. She seemed very amused by her own joke as she playfully nuzzled against him. Jack just pouted in angst as she was loosing her breath from laughter. He of course was not amused by her marriage jokes. He wanted to leave but she grabbed him by the waist and hugged him. After a minute she calmed down and wiped her tears of laughter from her eyes. When she managed to catch her breath again she spoke up while hugging him.

Ashley: Sorry Jack. I went a bit overboard with the teasing.

Jack: No kidding.

Ashley: But I can't help it. You look so cute when you get mad at me.

Jack: Don't you need to go back to practice or something?

Ashley: Yeah I do, but I think I should make it up to you.

Jack: I am not gonna get my hopes up.

Ashley: I know you are mad since I was teasing you but since I did bring it up I'll tell you what you want to hear.

Jack: You're gonna dump me?

Ashley smiled as she pinch his leg to let him know that was not funny. Jack winced since he knew the pinch was coming. Ten she whispered into his ear.

Ashley: 35"-24"-34" 5

Jack listened to the numbers as he tried to figure what they meant. Then he realized what they were and he glared at her as she giggled.

Jack: Was that last number really necessary?

Ashley: Of course silly, but how come you are only complaining about that number?

Jack: You're enjoying this way to much you know that?

Ashely: You know Jack if you had a phone we could text private messages and I could show you some pictures of me at the beach in my cute bikini.

Jack: Well to bad I don't have one.

Ashley gave him a wicked smile like she knew he had one. He was nervous and glad he hid his phone in his gym bag with his uniform. If she knew how he got his phone from Olivia, he would never hear the end of it.

Ashley: Well I know our birthdays are not till April and all, but I was thinking of getting you a phone so we could bond a bit more.

Jack: You just want to keep tabs on me.

Ashley: I already do that without a phone Jack, but sometimes a girl likes it her big strong man calls her up just to tell her how much he misses her.

Jack: It sounds like you want something from me and the phone is a bribe.

Ashley: Well since you are asking. I was thinking of some jewelry to mark our being a couple.

Jack: I am not getting you a wedding ring.

Ashley: I know silly, you can't afford one right now. It doesn't have to be grand or expensive.

Jack: You know I suck at this stuff Ash. Just tell already.

Ashley: A friendship dangle ring, dangle bracelet or heart necklace to show we are a couple.

Jack: And if I don't?

Ashely hugged Jack and kissed him on the cheek gently as she spoke quietly.

Ashley: Baby if you don't treat my like the love of your life, I might have to treat you like my pet and put a dog collar on you. I wonder how much pride you will have was I make you walk on all fours around the school?

Jack sighed as he could imagine her doing this. She was a scary girl when she spoke like that.

Jack: Can't you just buy it and say its from me?

Ashley smiled at him wickedly and kissed him on the cheek again.

Ashley: You're right Jack. We should forget all about that jewelry stuff. I know what we can do instead.

Jack: What?

Ashley: We can get our legs waxed together. I bet you would look so manly with smooth legs.

Jack realized he messed up big time. Since he could still fix this he needed to put some effort to appease his psycho-stalker girlfriend.

Jack: How about I just get you some jewelry instead?

Ashley: Its like you're reading my mind Jack.

Once again Jack caved in and was forced to appease Ashley as they discussed her taste in jewelry. Since he lacked a phone she planned to give her old spare one for her convenience. He tried to refuse her but was quickly reminded by how persuasive she could be. His only saving grace was when she had to return back to her cheer group.


Justin took a walk around to visit the other students so Jack and Ashley could enjoy their time before she had to go back to cheer practice.

As he walked along the track pass the cheer team and other football players almost unnoticed. He thought its my first year here and the new kid in town. He was used to this roll he had been in that roll most of his life moving every two years has been hard. Traveling the world just getting back from Naples, Italy his dad spent that last three years there as the Command Master chief of Special Operations of Sixth Fleet. These guys have no idea what I have been through and being a military kid is like and your dad being a SEAL. He smiled just incase someone was looking. To hide the way, he was feeling.

Just took a long walk to give Jack and Ashley some privacy. He figured they needed it since they didn't get to many opportunities to be alone at a prep school. He thought they made a cute couple and hoped they stick it out since to much drama was bad for any couple. He hated it when his past relationships went south. As he walked a bit he chatted with a few other students before moving on and eventually running into Jonathan who seemed to be daydreaming about something.

Justin: So are you on the track team?


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