The road map

Thomas laughed at Jocelyn’s comment. “Nobody was peeked up your shorts and we were above you, so we would be looking down. Not a good chance of being exposed that way.” Thomas said in a tone that was slightly dismissive. “So you can relax,” he continued.

He closed the book. Then Thomas said, “Boys spend about 40% of their time being hungry and 40% of their time thinking about girls, 10% doing what we should be doing and 30% of the time goofing off. We are so good at those few thing we can do them at the same time. That is why it is more than 100%.”
He continued, “And you could put a girl in a cardboard box and we can still have a dirty thought. So don’t think that wearing baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants protects you. We will still know your a girl and someone will be interested and have dirty thoughts about you. My mom said it is a biological imperative.”

He nodded to the girl letting the boys tackle her, “She is probably ovulating and desperate for attention, in two weeks she not be so friendly and there will be drama between her and those boys when she doesn’t want the attention.”

He nodded to Blossom and said, “She’s the sweet little sister type. Give her a year or two and she’ll be breaking boys hearts without even knowing it. She is on the fast track to being popular. You get to her by treating her like a sister.”

He nodded at Ashley, “She’s trying to hard. She is insecure and wants everyone to be envious. She will probably end up being a trophy wife and unhappy. It is all about image. You get to her with gifts and public acts.”

He nodded to a group of girls down on the grass, “They are the wall flowers, they are waiting for a nice boy to notice them. As you pointed out there is very few of them. You get to them by noticing them then playing hard to get.”

He nodded to the international girls, “They are the exotics. They are a threat to the popular girls and the wall flowers, boys are drawn to them because they are different.”

He noted the band girls, the track girls, the volleyball girls, the druggies and the nerds. He gave his theory on the best way to interact with them. He did not talk about the gymnastic girls or Jocelyn.

His theory was based on Anime and observation.

He was expecting a reaction from Jocelyn telling him he was full of shit. But he felt confident as he was not demeaning, ogling, talking about his preferences. This was just how he saw the world.

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