Hearing a Theory

“Nobody was peeked up your shorts and we were above you, so we would be looking down. Not a good chance of being exposed that way.” Thomas told her.

"Yeah, alright. Not much to look at in the chest department anyway." she added, which was accurate. Her chest was fairly flat. Not, not there just not really.

She went on to listen to him explaining his percentile theory. “And you could put a girl in a cardboard box and we can still have a dirty thought. So don’t think that wearing baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants protects you. We will still know your a girl and someone will be interested and have dirty thoughts about you. My mom said it is a biological imperative.”

"She's probably right, but I don't know if that's infallible. I think some parts of that will be grey areas. At least once you get to know people." she said before he continued explaining each type of girl in school and how to get to their hearts and gave him a small shrug. "Interesting." she said half hearted

"What about me?" Jocelyn asked him, "How does your theory break down for me? I won't tell you how right you are, but I'd like to hear it. And you can tell me what you really think, I'm a big girl, you can't hurt my feelings. I've been through enough insults you'd have to try really ridiculously hard to hurt my feelings." she told him.

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