Not All Sharks Swim

In his rage, Doug had wanted to take more out on Melissa but that was until the text on his phone had brought him back to reality. One of his group had texted him to let him know Courtney was looking for him and Mel. Damm. Courtney was really started to get on Doug's nerves the way she was always interfering. He should teach her a lesson, as well, he thought but then he read the rest. Conner and Dante were seen with her. He instantly went into self-defense mode and left not caring that he had left Mel behind.

He was still raging though so, without thinking much about it, he got into his car and started driving. He didn't think about the time or pay much attention to where he was going. He just drove around for a while, eventually, parking the car and realizing he was in front of one of the illegal gambling places he frequented. He thought for a moment about how last year he had started coming to these places, as the poker games with the other football players had to stop quenching his need. The thrill of the win is what had gotten to him and now he couldn't go without it, One way or another he had to gamble even if sometimes it was online sites. In that time his rage had also grown. It was doubtful the two related.

He had no money but knew he could get some if he went inside. So, that's what he did. Stepping inside, the room smelled of booze, desperation, and money. The two people that came to this place either had money or were desperate for money.

"Hey, Doug," The tall leggy blonde in the extremely low-cut mini dress that left little to the imagination approached him.

"Hi, Candy." He knew Candy probably wasn't her real
name but it's what she was called here. "I need to speak to Sonny."

"He's taking care of some business in the back. I can let him know you're here."

"Why don't you go do that? Oh, and time later?'

Candy smiled at him. "I'll let you know when I get back."

Candy left and then came back about five minutes later. Sonny would see Doug in the back. Candy then said she'd come to get him when she could.

Doug walked to the back area and went through a doorway with a curtain hanging down.. He knocked on the first door he came to and a male voice called from inside. "Enter."

The room Doug entered was a large office. Doug stood in the middle of the room, to his left and right side were bookshelves that held various objects but little in the way of actual books. In front of him was a large wooden desk, in front of the desk were two chairs that looked like black leather. To the sides of the desk were two rather large burly men who stood with their arms crossed and sitting behind the desk was Sonny.

"What can I do for you Doug?" Sonny asked.

Doug looked at Sonny for a moment. The guy couldn't have been more than 5'5" and he wasn't particularly muscular but he had a presence about him that just screamed he was in command of everything around him. The two large men standing to either side of him didn't hurt. Neither did the fact that everyone knew that Sonny and his guards were armed.

"I need some money."

Sonny raised a brow, Doug had never had to get money from anyone before.

"What did ya parents cut you off? huh?"

"Not exactly. I've just gone through a bunch of it and I don't want to ask them for more; right now." Doug didn't say he didn't want his moms to get suspicious but he probably didn't have to.

"How much?" Sonny asked him.

"50" Doug knew how this worked. People didn't go to loan sharks for $50, so he meant $50,000 without saying $50,000.

Sonny thought for another moment. "Alright but you know what'll happen if you don't pay, right?"

"Yes, I know," was the response Doug gave. He knew. He had witnessed it.

"OK,'ve got it." Sonny spun his chair around and opened up a small vault and started pulling out stacks of money. "That's 10, 20, 30, 40, 50." Saying each increment as he put each stack down. He then took out a bag and put the money into the bag. "Here, take it." Handing Doug the bag.

Doug took the bag.

Sonny then discussed the terms of the loan. How long Doug had to start paying it back. He'd give him one month because he was a first-time borrower and Sonny knew Doug had money. With 50 % interest. The moment he left the office with the bag Doug knew that it was stepping into a whole other part of the gambling world. Still, that's what he did. He took the money and headed straight for a poker table; he had to win at some point tonight, right?

As promised Candy found him during her break; she had an hour because the owners were all about keeping their big spenders happy and Doug was exactly that. The two went up to her room and emerged about 50 minutes later. Doug continued to gamble. He won some, he lost some and in the end, he had lost enough that he couldn't pay the loan shark back but could put some in his bank accounts so his moms wouldn't get too suspicious.

It was around 3:30 AM when he got back in his car. Looking at the time he knew he was going to be in trouble when he got back to the boys' guest house at the beach. He didn't really care. His needs had been satisfied.

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