Two Texts

About 2 AM

Word had been spreading, throughout the girls' dorms, that a few people saw Melissa being carried to the girls' dorm by Dante. Something about how Conner and Courtney might have been with them. No one seemed to know what had happened but there were all kinds of speculation. What none of them seem to speculate was the possibility that Doug was the cause of Mel's injuries, even if some of them were wondering where he had gone, why he wasn't the one carrying Mel.

Well, almost no one was speculating it might have been Doug except Dawn. Dawn had seen Courtney and Conner come to take the bags but she said nothing. And as it was, she almost didn't want to know. She didn't want to know but she knew she had to find out. Taking a breath the girl put a text message in her phone and hit send. It wasn't long before Courtney responded.

Dawn: Can you talk?

Courtney: Yes. Melissa is asleep.

Courtney had been laying in bed scrolling through her phone and thinking as she was too hyped up from the night's happenings to sleep. Melissa, however, having been given some pain meds by the nurse, was fast asleep. Courtney didn't know if it would last but still the more sleep she got the better.

Dawn: Oh

The pause that came after that was long as Dawn struggled to ask the question she didn't really want the answer to.

Dawn: How injured is she?

Courtney: ankle, arm, eye. She'll be ok but it'll take some time.

Courtney figured everyone will see Melissa tomorrow, so, no need to not just give a brief detail.

Dawn: Was it Doug?

Dawn braced herself for the answer though she greatly suspected who had done this.

Courtney didn't respond, at first, how could she tell Dawn that they suspected it had been Dawn and Zander's brother. Courtney though had a feeling that Dawn already suspected.

Courtney: Well, Mel's not saying and I or really those of us who helped her didn't see anything.

Dawn: That's not an answer. Do you suspect him?

Courtney: We can't prove anything but yes. There'll be an investigation. You might want to tell Zander so he's prepared.

Dawn didn't know how to process all of this. Doug, in the past, had been a jerk, a user of women, and a bully of Zander and some other guys he didn't particularly care for. This however was so beyond that that she couldn't figure out how he had sunk so low. Their moms didn't treat him any differently. He wasn't given more than her or Zander. They had tried to help him through the years; he had been in therapy but the therapy never took and when got old enough to take himself he just wouldn't show up. They had tried different types of schools. Doug usually ended up on top of the pecking order but his behavior never seemed to get better. Their moms had raised Dawn and Zander as well, they had been raised to respect women, to treat people well, to give to others. Those lessons never took with Doug and was to a point that Dawn was starting to think that maybe her brother was beyond help. Or maybe the help he needed was something more intensive. After several moments she texted back.

Dawn: I should have reported him about the stairwell incident.

Courtney: With what proof? You were right he is a star football player and that makes him important to the school, even without the money. If you accuse him with no proof it won't go anywhere.

Dawn: I just feel like I could have stopped it.

Courtney: I watch Melissa all the time and even I couldn't stop it from happening.

Dawn: Maybe, I should call my moms. Let them know we think Doug is worse. Give them a heads up.

Courtney: That's up to you.

Dawn: I'm not sure if it'll help. I don't know what to do. Maybe, I should just figure it out in the morning.

Dawn doubted she'd be able to sleep but her mind was racing too much to decide anything right now.

Courtney: That's probably a good idea.

Dawn: Ok, I'll let you know what I decide. Good night.

Courtney: Night

Courtney noticed Melissa shifting in her bed and mumbling something in her sleep. She sighed and then thought for a while. She knew who she needed to talk to but for right now she just stared at the phone for a moment and then texted Matt. They talked for a while about a few different things she then asked him.

Courtney: What are you doing tomorrow?

Matt: Hanging out with a girl I like and her injured friend.

Courtney: Oh, anyone I know?

Matt: lol. So, see you in the morning?

Courtney: I'll be around.

Courtney smiled as she put her phone down and lay down. At least she'd get to spend more time with Matt tomorrow. With that thought in her mind, she fell asleep.

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