Saturday night 2 am plans

(Day 5 - Saturday night 2 am-ish Beach party)

JD had been in the room since 1 AM laying on his bed he had said his goodnights to Rose reluctantly. It had been a long day and he was tired. He has emotionally shot as well everything that had happed was still running around in his mind. He had started to wonder what had happened to Conner he had heard about Mel being carried with Conner, Courtney, and Dante. he wondered if that had something to do with still being out. he had texted him a few times with no answer. JD was throwing a rubber ball against the wall bouncing it off the wall and ketching it alternating hands waiting.

Conner entered the room and looked at JD not sure what to say. He stares at JD for a second then walked in closing the door behind him. "Hay, JD," he said as he walked over to his bed and fell on it and lay there he did not realize how bad he was worn out. JD just kept throwing the ball. keeping the same rhythm. "So, Conner you ok?" JD asked Conner. He rolled over looking up at the ceiling. "Yeah, I'm good" Conner answered. JD knew something was up with his friend. "how did the walk with blossom go?" he asked. Conner smiled "great, she is a sweet girl. One of those cute lovable types. I am afraid that I will corrupt Blossom." He said thinking.

JD laughed some at Conners's comment. "Ash will have your nuts if you do that." JD was silent for a momint. "Conner what's up with Mel you guys have been spending a lot of time together is she on your list?" asked JD. Conner groaned "She is a friend she had an accident sprained her ankle. Before you ask I have no idea where Doug was." Conner said in a grumpy tone. "It's OK man, Just wondering what was up. Hay you ok did I do something?" Conner was about to explode as everything started to get to him. He took a deep breath. "JD, I will be fine, Just can't make my mind up on who I would like to go out with," he said trying to change the subject. JD smiled and sat up "well I have Rose the Best looking and nice girl I have ever gone out with." JD said with a smirk like he just stole cookies and got caught.

"Hay JD we should go out tomorrow," Conner said then realized how that sounded. "JD knew what he meant but could not help it. "Wow, Conner did not know you swing that way. I don't think Rose would like that. " He said with a laugh. Conner smiled and chuckled some. "you know what I meant. You, Rose, Me and... Kaylee, it's her turn I guess. let's say 9 am we head you on the town. maybe mini-golf, lunch then something else?" asked Conner. JD paused thinking "wow my first official date with Rose. Yeah, I am down with that. I hope she does not get mad if I text her this late." he says picking up his phone and texting Rose. Conner pulled out his Phone and Text Kaylee. he realized that he has had her number for over a year now and did not talk to her much. he texted her the plan and see if she wanted to go with them. "I am out of it JD I am crashing now, man," Conner said sounding tired. "OK hay 6 or 7 wake up to work out some?" asked JD. Conner thought for a second. "ya that's good I guess. See you in the morning." Conner replied.

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