Saying Yes

The talk of the girl's guest house had been the speculation over what happened to Melissa. Kaylee now knew where Conner had gone off to so quickly and she had already figured it had been something important. She hoped Mel would be alright but figured Courtney would let them know if it was more serious. That was one thing on her mind the other was that she had seen Conner with Blossom. Not that she was jealous but she really wanted to know where she stood. Was she wasting her time when it came to Conner? She, kind of wished Conner would just tell her that he also liked Blossom, so, she would know for sure. There was a chance her mind was reading things wrong but which things? Him liking Blossom or him liking her? Maybe, he did like them evenly but Kaylee had to admit to herself, this was a new situation, for her.
As thoughts of that and what she'd do tomorrow ran though her mind; her phone buzzed. To say she was surprised to see it was Conner would have been an understatement. She read the texts from him and responded. Double date with JD and Rose sounded like fun. Yes, she'd go with him. And so it was set. She said goodnight to him. Realizing she wasn't going to figure stuff out tonight but maybe after tomorrow she'd know more. With that she went to sleep.

Rose and Sam had been taking about Sam and Heath's plan for tomorrow. They were borrowing Matt's truck and going to a nature preserve an hour away. The place had hiking trails and good places to just hang out and take pictures and do art work. It was actually a popular trip for the photographers , like Sam, and the artist s, like Heath, of the school. Rose had been there with the art class the beginning of last year. Rose's only real plan was to spend the day with JD and just saying his name made her smile. That was until her phone went off. Of course, she said yes to JD's question about going on a double date with Conner and Kaylee. It wasn't long after they said good night to each other that she went to sleep.

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