Time With You (part 1)

(JP with Jaxx)

(Tuesday evening)

Kyle had texted Justin to meet him outside. He wanted to spend some alone time with the other boy but the school tonight seemed like everyone was outside.

Well, maybe not everyone, some of the girls had a meeting and a few of the nerds had their own meeting but still there wasn't really a private place to go outside with the other boy.

Kyle stood off to the side where he tried to be inconspicuous from everyone. He had texted Justin to let the other boy know where to find him and then just waited.

Justin was alone in his dorm room doing some research on fashion. Since fashion was an ever changing thing, he had to keep up with it constantly. Since Jack was with Ashley he had some time to himself to study the current trends. Every time he found something important he recorded it in his database. This was an ongoing project that he had been working on since middle school so he had a lot of data on fashion trends at this point. Luckily it was easy to keep up using current trends on the internet. Ironically, as he was very engrossed in his work, he was disrupted by his phone flashing and buzzing. He got a text from Kyle and smiled as he read it. Then he texted Kyle back saying he was on his way to meet up with him.

Kyle read the text and smiled. He was still thinking about where to go so that they could be alone. The paths either by the lake or the cross county path were options but the lake was probably packed with guys trying their best to get a girl or a particular girl and the cross country path; well that would be fine; if they didn't pass any of the jocks.

Trying to keep a low profile in this school was tricky, at best. Kyle really needed to ask a few of their friends, that knew about him and Justin, and that had been here awhile where to go to be alone with someone. He was kind of kicking himself now that he didn't think of doing that before.

He thought for a moment and texted someone else; it took only a moment for a response. That would probably work or he supposed they could sign out and go off campus; he did have a car and they could be back by curfew. Kyle figured he'd wait to see what Justin wanted to do.

Justin quickly saved his work and checked himself in front of the mirror. He fixed his hair and clothing since it was wrinkled a bit. He checked his breath and moaned a bit before popping a breath mint into his mouth. Then he sniffed himself and gave himself a small spritz of cologne to solve his issue. Too much cologne was a bad idea so he was careful not to overdo it. He didn't want to offend Kyle on their second outing. He was hoping this was more of a date, but it was still early, and they did have good chemistry. So after he felt fabulous in the mirror, he smiled at himself, and grabbed his wallet, phone and keys before leaving. It didn't take long till he found Kyle waiting for him. Justin greeted like a nervous girl on a first date and asked what Kyle had in mind.

Kyle smiled when he saw Justin. "Do you want to get out of here for a while? I mean go someplace off campus. Maybe get a coffee. I know of a coffee shop not too far away and there's a park nearby." Kyle wasn't really sure Justin would even say yes but it was worth the chance.

After Kyle offered to take Justin on a date for coffee, he almost ginned with delight but held back as he blushed a bit. He was getting his wish for a simple date and was very glad he primmed himself up for Kyle.

Justin: I think that is a fabulous idea. I think some alone time would do us some good. Granted this place has its perks but it also has too many nosy Nancys as well.

Justin then accompanied Kyle to check out before heading to Kyle's car.

Kyle checked them out with a reminder by the night person that checked them out to be back before curfew.

It was then to Kyle's car and the two were off. Kyle found a parking spot in the lot that was near both the coffee shop and the park where he parked the car.

After Justin got out of the car he led him to the coffee shop. There wasn't a line so they were able to place both orders with no waiting. Kyle paid for both of them. Once they got their coffees Kyle said, "The park is right next door, practically. Do you want to drink these here or take them with us?"I

Justin was feeling a bit giddy on his date with Kyle. He was feeling good not having prying eyes on him, for once. Then after getting coffee from Kyle he was asked to choose where to relax. Justin looked around to see who was around then decided on the park over the coffee shop. He was hoping to get a bit more intimate with Kyle if things worked out.

Justin: I think it would set the mood better if we were alone at a picnic table at the park. No crowds, no prying eyes and just us enjoying the alone time. Is that alright with you?

Justin bit his top lip as he was a bit nervous of Kyle's reply. He was hoping to not have anyone interfere with their time together.

Kyle had been hoping Justin would choose the park. "That sounds perfect."

They left the coffee shop and as promised the park wasn't far. They took their time walking a little ways into the park and Kyle pointed out a picnic table. It was secluded and there was no one else in the park. Kyle said, "That table looks good."

He walked over to the table and waited a moment for Justin to sit down before doing the same.

Justin had to fight the urge to take Kyle's hand, but since they were holding coffee it made it hard to switch hands and still keep the mood. Of course since the table was not too far away it was a silly thought to worry about. After he sat down he noticed Kyle sat after he did. Justin blushed a bit as Kyle looked very cool now. He really wanted to kiss him but had to stay calm, for now, since he didn't want to rush things and come off as easy. He decided to start with some small talk to get the mood set.

Justin: You look great, you know that? I must admit I was not ready for such a quick date. I hope I look okay.

Justin was a bit nervous as he sipped his coffee while still looking at Kyle with shy eyes.

Kyle sat down, putting his coffee on the table and smiled at the compliment. "Thanks." Taking Justin's hand. "You look great." Justin always seemed to look great to him. "I'm glad you could come out with me." He sipped his coffee then asked. "So, should I ask what you were doing before I texted you?" He paused. "I'm not trying to be nosy. I'm just curious about your day." Did that seem odd? He really just liked listening to Justin talk and tell him about what was going on in his life.

Justin blushed again when Kyle took his hand. He liked how manly Kyle's hands were. He was looking forward to this moment ever since he got the text. He was glad he got this opportunity.

Justin: Well, it may not be too interesting for you but I have been working on a long project since I began middle school. I have been working on a fashion database since then and record any new trends to see if there are any patterns in it. I know fashion varies a lot in the industry and if I can see a pattern I can maybe predict future trends and capitalize on that in the future. I know it sounds silly but I really want to be a successful designer and not just some fly by night person who got lucky once. I have seen a lot of people who struggle in the business and others who take advantage of others. I prefer to take a different route with less tears if possible. I'm sorry if I am droning on.

Kyle listened to what Justin said, "That's interesting. And you're not droning on; I think that's pretty fascinating actually. I wonder if the same technique could be applied to movies." The last part was possibly more thinking out loud. "So, have you made any discoveries about fashion trends?"

Justin: Actually yes to both of your questions. A friend of mine in Vegas deals with tv and movie scripts all the time and has told me they will sit on a script till the time is right to use it. As for the trends I found the top 10 Hottest Fashion Trends of this year are: Hoodies Under Blazers, Power Bohemian Florals, Color Clashing, Tractor Trek, Sole Boots, Chunky Loafers, Academia, Hot Goth, Y2K Fashion, Wide Leg Pants and Loud Logos. I have noticed after around a decade some older fashions are recycled like bell bottoms, tye dye and frilly one pieces for women and for guys business casual seems to be modified a bit.

Justin stopped as he felt he was getting carried away by his passions.

Justin: Look at me talking your ear off. How about you tell me what you are interested in filming? I heard the school has a few contests after the holidays. Are you planning to enter them?

Justin smiled as he sipped his coffee and caressed Kyle's hand.

Kyle didn't mind Justin talking about fashion but the topic moved on to his interest, film.

"Yes, I am." He was planning to enter the contests. "They are short subject films. I figured with time for shooting and editing. I could enter three. I'm mostly interested in putting music and film together. So, one will be almost like a music video. Think late 80's, early 90's when music videos were still in their peak but then modernize it. I still need to get that worked out though, especially who will be on it. The second one is going to be a documentary of sorts. My Dad recently discovered a new artist. She's a few years older than us and she's been living on the streets for the past two years. She's agreed to let me get videos of her in the studio and I'm going to spend a weekend with her taking me to where she used to stay when she was homeless. She's also agreed to be interviewed. I'm going to piece that all together along with her music. The last one is an animated short about a line that becomes other things; that one is hard to explain. You just kind of have to see it." He sipped his coffee. "I used to be really into filming documentaries. I still like filming them but I want to experiment with other genres. I really want my movies to make a difference, in some way and I know I want music to play an important part in my movies but I think I'm still figuring out how that will eventually look."

Justin listened attentively as Kyle talked about his films and ambitions. It was refreshing to meet a guy who had similar passion as he did for the arts, be it music, film, fashion, home decoration and so on. Seeing Kyle smile as he opened up to him was charming and made Justin's heart beat a bit faster.

Justin: I think it's cute how your eyes glimmer when you talk about your dreams.

Justin then began to trace the knuckles of Kyle's hand instinctively as he sipped his coffee. He was really attracted to Kyle and was troubled by how to get close enough to kiss him. He was conflicted by how to pull this off while not looking cheap.

Justin: Soooooo.......... it's obvious we both have big dreams and ambitions. I also feel like we have some good chemistry going on here. So, what are you looking for in a relationship?

Justin smiled as he drew circles around Kyle's knuckles with his finger tips.

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