Time With You (part 2)

(JP with Jaxx)

Kyle smiled at Justin; he had been told his eyes light up when talking about things he was passionate about but it meant more coming from Justin.

That wasn't just because of how much he liked the other boy but because Justin understood that kind of passion for something.

He got distracted by Justin tracing his knuckles but then heard the question.

Kyle sipped his coffee before answering. "I want someone I can be close with. Someone, perhaps, that can last long term." He paused and took a breath. "I've been burned, in the past, by people I thought I could trust. I never want to feel that way again." He took another sip of his coffee not sure why he had said that last part. "Even though we didn't meet that long ago; I feel like I can trust you. I feel like this could be something more...long term." He realized he couldn't even explain why he felt that way. Kyle then asked. "What are you looking for in a relationship?"

Justin bit his bottom lips as he listened to Kyle's words. He was liking what he heard from Kyle since he to wanted the same thing. He could relate to Kyle's pain since not many relationships last.

Justin: I understand what you mean. Many relationships don't last due to many reasons but mostly due to both parties wanting different things in their lives. I have lost important people due to them passing away, one of us moving away, different opinions on life choices and some really bad choices and words on both our parts.

Justin sipped his coffee to clear his throat. Since this was a sensitive subject he took another sip and a deep breath before exhaling. Once he regained his composure he spoke again,

Justin: In my short time in this world I learned that ideas sound great, words can sound poetic, but in the end it's our actions that define us. It's easy to talk big but when times get tough people tend to show their true nature. It's sad when people can't be honest without fear of being hurt, but that is the reality of this world we live in. So, to answer your question I want someone I can connect with mind, body and soul. Someone who will cry with me during the bad times and laugh with me during the good times. True a disagreement will come about but I think a relationship should have a deep meaning since it is supposed to last. I think you and I want a similar future where we face life's challenges knowing we have someone to be by our side. So, even though I really want to make out with you right here and now, I will keep my cool, and hope our connection gets deeper with every moment we spend together.

Justin then held Kyle's hand gently as he looked at Kyle with hoping eyes.

"I think you're right and we do want similar things. It also sounds like we've been through some of the same things. I don't think we need to rush anything; either." Kyle wanted to talk to Justin about his past. The things that had happened to him. He, kind of, wanted to tell Justin all of that. Just the thought of what had happened at his old school made him turn to look when he heard a rustle in a bush but it was just a squirrel running out of a bush and then up a tree. He took another sip of coffee and said. "Well, the feeling is mutual about making out but we have time for that as well."

Kyle was definitely feeling a connection with the other boy. He pushed a piece of hair away from Justin's forehead. "You have amazing eyes." Kyle said as he gazed into them for a moment.

Justin blushed at Kyle's compliment. He bit both of his lips since he was flattered and speechless at the moment. Kyle's charm was making his heart go pitter patter as the conversation continued. He wanted this moment to last forever but knew they had to get back to school before curfew.

Justin: You're such a smoothie. If I am not careful you might take advantage of me before I am ready.

Justin then took some deep breaths as he fluffed his shirt since it was getting hot now with all that romantic talk. Once he was composed again took a sip of coffee and he smiled at Kyle.

Justin: So now that we are on the same page with our ideas and ideals; what do you think will happen during the Minion Auction?

Kyle smiled at Justin and noticed the fluffing of the shirt but didn't comment.

Kyle responded. "I really have no idea. Did you know some of the girls were meeting tonight? It was a large number of them, from what I gathered. I can only imagine that has something to do with the auction." He finished the little that was left of his coffee. "All I know is we're supposed to do what the girl we get tells us to do for the day. Which can only mean some guys will make out pretty well, I'm sure, and others not so much."

Justin ran his free hand through his hair as he was a bit concerned by what Kyle said. He wondered which girl he and Kyle might get paired up with. Since he was on good terms with many girls he felt confident but he knew that some of the mean girls might cause some trouble if they were feeling mischievous.

Justin: You know seeing you with another girl could make me a bit jealous, but sadly I will be in the same boat as you. One can only hope we end up a nice girl who won't try to take advantage. I don't mind doing fun stuff like a makeover or shopping and I may go as far as carry a backpack but I draw the line there. How about you?

Kyle was on good terms with many of the girls but he was mostly concerned that a girl might bid on him hoping to make more of a connection than just a minion for the day, something he had no interest in. That wasn't him being conceited; it was just hard to miss the girls that were always trying to get his attention.

"I don't mind carrying stuff for a girl; backpacks, books, their trays at meals but I'd say I'm hoping it's not much beyond that." He gently squeezed Justin's hand. "I'm flattered that you'd be jealous, I might have some of that as well, but believe me when I say I have no interest in any girl, like that." Which was true. Kyle was 100% only into other boys in any sort of romantic way and he was really only into one boy.

Justin smiled as Kyle responded the way he was hoping for. He was glad Kyle felt the same way since they both experienced bad things in their life. Trust was a fickle thing in new relationships and easily broken. He was glad they were taking it slow and slowly strengthening their bond instead of rushing into it like he did in the past. After a bad break up Justin found himself in noodle shop and eating homemade Ramen. Seeing that Justin was sad, the chef told Justin that relationships were like fine foods. Good food takes time to prepare while junk food is quick and easy. However you should not be surprised when you get tired of junk food as opposed to good food.

Justin: I am so relieved you said that. To be honest it would be nice if one of the girls from our group won us so we could have less stress about it. I mean if it was Blossom we could help her in so many ways right?

"We can only hope we do. We could help Blossom and April but in different ways." Kyle thought for a moment. "Maybe we should make a plan when we find out who we each get. So, we can try to spend a little time together on Friday."

Justin thought about what Kyle said and pondered a few thoughts as he analyze the females in their group. He saw their flaws and merits and saw where they could improve a bit with their help.

Justin: Hmmmmm........... your right. They could use the help with their appearance and confidence. Both of them have a lot of potential to be more than who they are. So are we talking the straight version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

"Yeah, that is almost exactly it. Even if we don't get them for the auction, maybe we can do that for them at another time." Kyle thought about his conversation with April at the beach. "I definitely think building their confidence could help them."

As for the other females in the group. He doubted some of them needed improvement but others might be willing for the fun of it.

Justin nodded as he listened to Kyle. He knew helping girls was a tricky thing since some might feel judged by getting unwanted help. In order to do it correctly it had to be subtle and little by little so as not to overwhelm them. True Blossom and April could use the help but they were not the only ones. Jack had come to him for help as well and Mel was in dire need of help since she had confidence issues by her mannerisms. In the end it would have to be on a case by case basis.

Justin: True but I think they are not the only ones in the group who could use help. Personally I think it would be best to help on a case by case basis when they need it so they don't feel pressured to change. To be honest I think it would be a good experience for us to be creative while helping them. We could use that experience in the real world after we graduate, right? After all you will need to make over your actors and actresses and I will need to do the same for my models. Not to mention they won't really teach that sort of thing in school. What do you think?

Kyle nodded. "True. And yes, case by case and when they're ready is a good idea." He wasn't thinking about Melissa even if clearly she could use confidence building but he also knew she was dating Doug and had his own bad feelings about that relationship. He got the feeling that Doug wouldn't let her increase her confidence but that was just what he got from the outside looking in.

"And the experience will be great." Kyle then said. "I think we could subtly put it to some of the girls. I've gotten to be friends with April; so I could bring it up to her."

Justin smirked as Kyle was also into the idea of his makeover idea. It was fun and made him feel good to be creative while helping his friends.

Justin: I think it is so cute how we are on the same wavelength. It's almost scary how much chemistry we have. To be honest I am a bit nervous how our new friends will respond when they find out about us. I mean Jack knows I am gay and could care less and has come to me for help a few times. Ashley only has eyes for Jack and gets along with everyone. Blossom is so pure she might faint and the others do come off as understanding, but not everyone is understanding. You know what I mean?

"I think most of them know. I think most of them figured it out after our walk on the beach. They already knew about me. None of them cared about me being gay. I just think they'll be happy for us." Kyle said. "Dawn is completely out of if the closest. She and April are into each other. I've known Riley since we were kids. She used to live next door to me. She's always been accepting. But they were all accepting of me. I think they'll be fine with it." Kyle then said. "I know though about people not being accepting. There is something I want to tell you. One of those people that betrayed me was someone I thought was into me; at my last school. He made me believe he was gay but not ready to come out of the closest. We dated, if you can call it that, for two months and just as I was getting comfortable with him. Well, he ...it turned out it was all a set up so he could get me some place secluded. I was jumped by a bunch of the jocks from my old school. They beat me up pretty badly." He paused now wishing he had something else to drink; like water. "I do understand not wanting to let everyone know and how it can backfire if you do. I, though, also don't really want to be friends with people that can't accept me for me."

Justin dropped his jaw and a great sadness came from his eyes as Kyle told him of his past. He was not happy that Kyle was hurt, like that, in the form of a cruel joke. He had half a mind to hunt them down and hurt them back. Of course, it would be easier if he could get Ashley and Jack to help. However that was a bit to much at this point, but he could relate to the cruel pseudo gay locker room humor he had to deal with in the past. He then held Kyle's hand with both of his to show his sincere support.

Justin: I feel your pain. I can't count the number of bad pranks and jokes I had to deal with growing up. It's sad when the haters think it's okay to be like that. The reason I stay in shape is to be able to protect myself from those jerks. Sadly it does help much when the guy you like leaves you for a girl after you find out he is Bi.

Just as Justin had let him talk; he let Justin. He was saddened to hear that Justin had been hurt like that. "I've taken self defense classes since then. I'm hoping to never have to use the training but it makes me feel better to know I have it." As for Justin's past. "I'm sorry that happened to you." He put his other hand on top of Justin's. "Well, any guy that does that to you sounds like an idiot who doesn't know what a great catch you are." Kyle meant that. Justin was a great guy and any guy who dated him would be lucky.

Kyle had turned the text notifications off on his phone so he could focus on Justin without interruptions but he was also aware he had to keep an eye on the time as they had to be back by curfew.

When he glanced down at his phone he noticed there was a text from Riley. The line he could read without opening the text read: info about auction.

Kyle said, "Riley just texted me about the auction. This might have to do with both of us." He opened the text and read it outloud to Justin.

The text consisted of what had happened at the meeting. The basics from the rich girls plan to Rose's plan to stop it.

Kyle kept reading and then said. "Apparently, our names were put in a box that only the girls in our group got to pick from. Rose didn't want to put the girls with anyone they didn't know."

He stopped for a moment as his eyes read the last of the text. Kyle then said. "That's ironic. It says here that I got Blossom and you got April."

Justin covered his mouth in surprise, in silence, as he was unable to laugh due to not having any air for a moment. Then a small chuckle came from his mouth as he began laughing. The irony of this situation was more than his funny bone could handle. It was times like this that he saw that truth was funnier than fiction. Scripts with this type of reality were hard to find in entertainment. Once he managed to calm down and catch his breath he had to finish off his coffee to regain his composure.

Justin: Sorry about that, but the timing was too funny. I mean what are the odds. That Rose and those girls are a crafty bunch. I can see us having many fun adventures with them before we graduate. So I guess we might just get a chance to do a makeover for them for the upcoming dance. Perhaps we can use the dance to dance as a group without prying eyes. What do you think?

Kyle couldn't help but laugh along with Justin. If only he could come across a script that clever. Maybe, he'd write one after he graduated.

Kyle: "No, it's funny. Rose. I mean would you have thought she'd have done this when you first met her? She seems to want to help people though. You know that might be the perfect way to get them to agree to it. Say it's for the dance. Dancing as a group sounds great. I'm sure we can get some of the others to go along with it." He glanced at his phone again and noticed their time was running out but there was something he really wanted to do before they left the park.

Kyle leaned in and said, "Unfortunately, we're going to have to go back soon. But before we go; I really want to kiss you. Is that ok with you?" Just one kiss but he didn't want to push it if it was too soon for Justin.

Justin blushed as Kyle asked for a kiss. He wanted to be embraced so much that he might lose himself in the moment. It was rather obvious by the look in Justin's eyes that he wanted to kiss Kyle too. He then stood up and put his hands on Kyle's cheeks as he gently pulled him closer to his face. Then he stopped as they were a few inches from each other and Justin's breathing became harder.

Justin: Sorry if I lose my composure. You smell so good.

Kyle started breathing harder as he was brought closer to Justin's face. He heard Justin's words but it was hard to pay attention to much other than Justin's lips, eyes and face. He leaned in closer, closing the little distance between them and kissed Justin, letting it linger as long as it could.

As Justin felt Kyle's tender soft lips his mind was overwhelmed with turbulent emotion. It felt like he was experiencing pure bliss and didn't want it to ever stop. Before he knew it his hands were pulling Kyle into himself and extending the kiss to another level as his body was burning with desire. Then a voice in Justin's head spoke as he enjoyed his just desserts, "Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind." Then it felt like fireworks were going off in the background as he had to break the kiss off to catch his breath and cool his carnal desires. His heavy panting gave away his true feelings for Kyle as he put his hands on Kyle's shoulders to him back so he could regain his senses. Once he was able to talk again he spoke up softly.

Justin: Sorry if I lost it a bit. If I didn't stop myself things could have gotten more complicated.

The kiss started out; Kyle fell into it easily and then suddenly it became more. Deeper with an explosion of passion between them. Lost in the kiss, the moment, this feeling of being wanted and wanting Justin in return. When the kiss broke; Kyle was left out of breath and speechless.

He took a moment to completely catch his breath and then said. "I understand. The feeling is very mutual."

He took another moment not wanting to break this feeling but then he spoke up. "As much as I don't want to, we really need to get back."

Justin nodded as he was still breathing a bit faster. He knew they needed to cool their jets before doing that again. However it was a wonderful experience that he would continue in his dreams tonight if he could fall asleep that is.

Justin: It's prolly for the best. If we stay like this we might get into trouble.

"You're probably right," Kyle moved back just a little and took Justin's hand.

Tonight had been amazing and Kyle was pretty sure paying attention in class tomorrow was going to be difficult.

"Come on; we need to go." Kyle reluctantly explained. He let Justin back to his car and they headed back to the school.

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