Advice Given

(JP with LSP)
Takes place on Wed.

Kyle was in a good mood and looking forward to the next time he could see Justin. Right now, though, he wandered outside to see who was around.

He looked around and spotted Jocelyn sitting alone at a table wearing a hoodie that he doubted was hers.

"Hey," he said as he approached the table. "Do you want some company or would you rather be alone?"

Jocelyn hadn't noticed she'd been seen, and pulled the hoodie sleeve away from her face. "No." she choked out. "Company would be fine," she said freeing her hand from the sleeve. "Pretend you didn't see that. I don't want to seem weird."

Kyle sat down. "Nah, not weird but I didn't see anything." He gave her a friendly smile. "So, how have things been with you?"

Jocelyn gave a half-hearted laugh. "I honestly don't know." She frowned, "Confused a little bit... maybe a lotta bit." She said fidgeting with the hoodie strings.

Kyle was always willing to listen and offer advice if he had any worth giving. So, Kyle being Kyle asked. "Anything you want to talk about?"

"Crushes on the wrong people." She said, "One is only interested in simple girls. The other could have anyone they want so what chance do I have?" She asked. "And I've got no idea what I'm doing."

"Well, it doesn't seem like the first one is worth your time then. I mean if he can't like you for you." Kyle paused for a moment. "As for the second. What makes you think you don't have a chance because other people like them? I'd say that you won't know until you give yourself and them a chance." He then added.. "I'll tell you a secret there aren't a lot of teen experts on dating. The second guy, does he have any idea you like him?"

Jocelyn chewed her bottom lip a moment thinking, "I'd guess he probably does." she said, "Heck, I bet he knew before I knew," she said letting the sleeve slide back down her arm covering her hand. "I think he knows more about people he talks to in three sentences than the person even knows about themselves. He's got a weird way of reading people like he's in your head." Jocelyn added, "And I know most teens aren't experts but, well I got a later start than most."

"Well, then maybe you should do things like sit with him at lunch or have coffee in the morning with him. Spend time with him but not as a date. Talk to him about his interests and yours; see how much you have in common and go from there. He might have an interest in you but you'd never know if you don't spend enough time with him." He paused. "Sometimes an interest in someone, also, doesn't happen right away. Sometimes it evolves from a friendship. I'm just saying a week in school isn't really that long and if he's that insightful and does know that you like him maybe he's waiting on figuring out if he likes you the same way until he gets to know you better."

Jocelyn listened to his words nodding along. "I probably should take him his hoodie back anyway," she said, looking down at her chest. "He probably needs it back, especially his glasses," she said as she took the thick black-framed glasses out of the pull-overs pocket. "He probably needs these way more than me..." she paused, looking around before whispering, though she didn't know why. "Do all guys’ hoodies smell good... I know not 'all' of them do, I've known some smelly guys, but like... do more guys then I think smell good?" she asked.

Kyle smiled at her question as he thought of Justin and the other boy's scent. "I think there are probably more good smelling guys than you think but some guys smell, sort of, extra good. If you like the person the smell can seem special, like something you want to hold on to and remember." Sometimes it worked the opposite and there were smells you would rather forget. Kyle was well aware of the other side of things. as well. but didn't think he should mention it.

Jocelyn nodded, "I think I understand." she said, "I still probably should take this back to him today." she added, "Even though I don't think he can even wear it right now since it’s almost time for class."

"Yeah, just give it back when you see him." Being Kyle didn't know who it was he didn't know when she would see the mystery boy again. "But you're right it is almost time for class. Hope our talk helped." He hoped it help, at least, a little.

"Thank you. I'll let you know how it went." Jocelyn said, hurrying off to meet up with Dante before class to give the hoodie back.

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