The guys then Girl pt 3

(Takes place Tuesday after school...after dinner)
(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Matt spotted the door opening again and out came Rose, Kaylee, April and Riley. "Well, I think you just got your wish." The four of them seemed to stop for a moment, look around, then talk to each other.
Courtney joked. "Let me do it before Conner gets mobbed by a bunch of girls." She whistled to them and waved them over. The four girls came over and realized the table was getting full. "We might want to move over another table," Matt said as he and Heath stood up and did just that. The table got to make room for the four girls so Dawn sat with April, Rose with JD and Kaylee, and Riley took the two spots left opened.

Once everyone was situated Sam turned to Rose. "Are you going to fill them in?"
Rose said. "Yes, but you all," clearly meaning the guys at the table. "Need to promise this doesn't get back to the rich kids. That means no retaliation or they'll know we know and it'll ruin everything."

"No problem," he said and gave Rose a kiss. Conner looked at everyone "OK, sure." said Conner.

Matt, Heath and Zander all agreed to stay quiet about what Rose was about to say.

Rose smiled at JD's kiss and then took a breath. "Yesterday morning I overheard some of the rich girls talking about how they were going to buy a bunch of the guys at the auction and make them wear collars and walk them around on leashes. They were planning on doing it to almost every guy; except for the ones that are in with the rich kids. So, all the nerds, the skaters, the theater guys, the scholarship students, everyone at this table. " She looked at JD. "Well, except you. They figured they couldn't outbid me so they weren't going to go for you." She though wasn't finished. "They even were willing to sacrifice a Freshman to bid on Jack. "Anyway, I told Sam and Courtney and came up with a plan. We'd get all the girls together that weren't part of the popular crowd and have them all bid on the guys who were in jeopardy. I'd make sure all the girl's who didn't have the money to do it themselves were funded. "
• She continued. "All the girlfriends with boyfriends got the guys they are dating. The rest of the girls picked a name out of a box. The boxes were separated by group so no girl got a guy they didn't know at all. The only thing was their were a lot more nerd guys than girls and a lot of more theater girls than guys but they tend to hang out with each other so the they were put together." She then addressed a question she knew was coming. "Due to the math, I had to make some , lets say, executive decisions. "Everyone at this table ended up with our group. It just made the most sense and evened out the numbers more."
Matt asked Rose, "So, your funding this all yourself?" Rose responded, " Not exactly. I said if anyone wanted to they could help fund it. Those girls stayed after the initial meeting and we talked about that separately. There were a few of them so they are helping. "

JD looked surprised then said "wow they won't even try to bid on me I am hurt" sounding sarcastic. "that's my Girl to come up with a plan like this." complemented JD. Conner shook his head "most of you have a good idea what going to happen every year for me is a big guess. Not that I mind it is always fun for me." said Conner.

Rose smiled at the compliment by JD. "Thanks."Courtney smirked and chuckled at what Conner said. "Well, there is always the element of the girls who weren't at the meeting but aren't part of the rich kids crowd. They are the unknown. but really it's more about making sure those girls can't do it to the guys."
After a pause, Matt spoke up. 'So, I'm almost scared to ask. We know then Sam got Heath, Rose got JD and Ash must have gotten Jack but who did the rest of the girls in our group get?" Sam spoke up and asked. "Do the rest of you know want to know?" Meaning more Zander and Conner because Matt asked the question and the other two guys were taken.

Conner chuckled "well, in the end, I am up for the highest bidder," said Conner. he knew that was a bad joke but it was the truth all the guys were. JD laughs at Conner "I think we all are." JD looked back at Rose "So you have someone for Zander too? Zander, did you sign up for the auction?" asked JD.

Zander nodded. "Yes. Actually, all the nerd guys did, as well." Zander turned to Sam. "Ok, I want to know who got me." Kaylee answered Zander's question. "I did." Zander nodded. Matt then asked "OK, then who got me." Riley answered. "Me." April spoke up. "I...I got Justin." Dawn said. "I got Dante. "Which left Blossom and Courtney out of the group. And Kyle and Conner as the ones not mentioned. "I suppose majority rules." Sam added. "Blossom got Kyle." Courtney held back a laugh and turned to Conner, " So, guess who got you."

Conner chuckled "so did you lose a bet, watch out Matt, you can get jealous now." he said kidding Matt. "speaking of who we are going to be around. Rose, do you want to go for coffee tomorrow night?" asked JD

Matt laughed, then joked. "Nah, you two have fun with that."
"Sure, that sounds good." Rose answered JD'S question. "The four of us would be going together," Zander said. Rose looked confused for a moment; the Riley spoke up. "I didn't get to tell the girls yet. He means me and him and, of course , you two." "Oh, ok sure. Sounds like fun." Rose said.

JD turned and whispered in Rose's ear. "We are there to help them feel less awkward." Then he blew softly in her ear "or maybe a little awkward" he said with a seductive smile. Conner looked at Riley "and you can take your car or I can let JD use my Mustang," Conner said.

Rose smiled then bit her lip. Riley responded to Conner; surprised he was willing to loan out his car. "Thanks for the offer. We'll probably use my car but I can let you know if that changes."

"OK, cool, I don't just lone the Mustang to anyone. Just a select few like JD, Matt, Courtney" he then smiled looking at Heath. " and Heath if he has the money," Conner says then laughs. "they can at least ask me." Conner added. JD puts his arm around Rose. He was surprised she did not push him off or say something. Maybe he has been holding back too much he thought. He took a quite slow deep breath. He knew he would give her anything she asked for that he could give. " We have the plan for the auction. do we have a backup plan? " He paused "Rose has a great plan. but everyone has said there are a few unknowns in any planning there should always be a backup plan. it is just something to think about," said JD.

Heath joked back. "See that's why I borrow Matt's truck. He doesn't charge me." Matt chuckled. "Maybe, I should start."
Rose was comfortable in JD's arms and had thought of pushing him off. A backup plan? "Not really. This is happening all so last minute. I don't think anyone had any time to think of a backup plan " Dawn inquired. "Anyone have any suggestions?"

JD let out a Hmm.... "ok this whole thing of the auction is the time right? you get the time of the person you bought. It is the basic factor in the whole auction so we need to somehow disrupt the time. like constantly rotate teams into disrupt things. It can not be the same two-person team that way the admin can call it harassment. it's a basic plan and only my Idea." explains JD. Conner looked at JD "sounds like a lot of work to me" comments Conner.

Courtney shook her head. "I doubt we can do that anyway. It would look suspicious if I buy Conner but are then going to other guys or other girls are going to Conner. When you buy the person it's supposed to be for the entire day. We can't just switch people around, like that." She then added. "Unless I'm misunderstanding you."

JD sighed "Well, here is to Rose's plan," said JD lifting his coke up then taking a drink. "I know her plan will work we have the strongest team here. and Rose knows a lot about these things," says JD. Conner took a drink of his coke "No matter what happens I am not worried. I don't think there is anyone who can treat me to badly and not see repercussions afterward by half the girls in this school. I like feeling the love here at the school." then he chuckled.

"I hope it works anyway. If any of you end up in that situation. I apologize in advance but it's all I could think of to do." Rose said. Heath looked at Rose. "If it happens it's not on you or really anyone that tried to stop it." Courtney rolled her eyes and laughed at Conner's comment. "I really wish I had something to throw at you right now. Even if it's true." Heck if someone treated Conner bad she'd probably be the first in line to make they're lives miserable. The other girls and Heath, Matt, and Zander all laughed at the comments made by Conner and Courtney.

JD laughs as well "Heath is right the girls have done everything they can. I know this sounds selfish but as long as I have Rose it dose not matter." said JD. Conner looked at JD "get a room" then he chuckled. "I would say as long as there are girls in the world I will live." said Conner then looked at Kaylee "especially cute ones." says conner with a smile.

Kaylee looked over at Conner and gave him a smile. "Yeah, I'd say you're safe." But she left it at that. "Ok," Dawn deciding to break things up a little. "Anything else going on?"

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