The guys then Girl pt 2

(Takes place Tuesday after school...after dinner)
(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Matt and Heath nodded then laughed at the Conner's and Heath's comments.
Heath then said. "Well, to completely change the subject. I'm getting a car, probably, in the next few weeks. So, I might dragging all of you car shopping with me." Matt already knew about the money but Conner and JD didn't.

"Nice, mine is still spread across Conners garage. Conner and I are still rebuilding the engine. I have my license but no car is annoying. You're so lucky, Heath. Ya I will go but Conner is the real expert." said JD. Conner looked at Heath. "Then you can go on a real date with Sam," he said with a mischievous grin. "Of course do you have a type in

"I think Courtney might be upset with both of you if you don't get her help." Matt stated not knowing about the deal Conner and Courtney had for the money for the dress for the dance.

Heath grinned with a laugh. "A real date? I'll keep that in mind. Really though I don't know what kind, yet. I'm sort of waiting on the money first. Things could still happen that might...delay it."

Conner took a drink of his coke then looked at Matt "ya you're invited to over when I put Courtney to work on the transmission. We got a good one we just have to do some modifications to it and the rear diferinchal. I will just say she owes me some time." Said Conner to Matt. "Oh and maybe use the truck to get some stuff moved around." finished Conner. JD got a smile on his face. "I think I figured out what to give to Rose," he said sounding more like thinking out loud than making a comment. He pulls out a vary nice silver chain with two military looking ID tags on it one looks made of steel the other Silver. think she would wear this or even like to wear this?" he asked the guys.

Matt nodded. "I'll be there and sure; you can use my truck. I'll also lend it out if either of you need it"
Heath then added. "Yup, Matt loans out his truck. Just don't ask to borrow his motorcycle." Matt chuckled. "Yeah, apparently unless I lose a bet. How Courtney got me to agree to that; I'll never know." Matt didn't know that Conner knew but thought neither him or JD knew. "I bet Courtney she couldn't beat me at volleyball. She won so I had to let her drive my cycle. She's pretty good at it." Heath chuckled, "I am pretty sure you know how she talked you into that. I'm pretty sure we all know."
JD pulled out the ID tags. Matt and Heath looked at them and then Heath said. "I'm almost certain she'd like them and wear them. You can ask Sam to be sure but from what I know about Rose; she'll like it because it means something to you." Matt said, "I agree. Rose could have all the fancy stuff she wants, she could hang out with the rich popular crowd but I don't think any of that stuff really matters to her. Giving her that," pointing to the tags, "would mean something to her."

"thanks but want you there too. I am not lifting all that by myself," said Conner to Matt. JD smiled at everyone's response. JD was feeling more comfortable with these guys every day. He would never share this with anyone else in the past. He has had not really any close friends and this was a new experience for him.

"I'll be there." Matt said. "Just let me know when."
Zander had wandered outside by this point he had been in another meeting about the possible chess team. When he came out of the meeting he realized that the girls were still in the meeting. The other nerds started talking about some sci-fi show but Zander decided he wasn't that interested in that and went out to see who else he could find.
He looked around and spotted a lot of the rich kids; who thankfully left him alone but no one he would talk to. He hadn't seen the guys at the table. Matt looked up and thought he spotted Zander. "Hey, Zander's over there. One of us should probably go get him before the rich kids decide he's open prey."

Conner interlaced his fingers and cracked his knuckles with a smile "let them try" he said with a grin standing he waved at Zander "Zan here!" he glanced over to the rich kids making sure they could see him. With Matt's comment, JD turned and straddles the bench seat. he looked over to the rich kids looking at Lance and Elena. Lance looked up at Zander then back down JD could not hear what Lance said but Lance looked to say "he was not worth it." everyone at the rich table looked at Zander then just went back to talkiing.

Zander looked over at where Conner's voice came from. He knew the rich kids had looked at him but being they seemed to leave him alone. He was sure that was because of Conner. He went over to the guys and sat down. "Hi" to all of them. He turned to Conner. "Thanks for that." He knew what had just happened. "So, what's going on? I mean other than the girls having some mysterious meeting." He said.

Conner smiled at his roommate " Ho, just talking about cars, women, sex, normal things." he then chuckled. "Really Conner, we don't need to know your fantasy," said JD with a smile. "I see you missed the shark tank. So what's up with you Zander?" asked JD.

Zander laughed at the comments. "I just spent the last thirty minutes listening to people discuss what to name the new chess team. I welcome the change of topic." He joked. "Nerds, and yes we use the term too, can get a little focused on one thing. I had to remind them we couldn't decide on a name because we didn't want to do that without the few girls that said they'd join."
Zander was a nerd and the nerds were his friends but he really bordered on almost not being one at all.

"Anyway," Zander turned to Conner, "She said she'd go to coffee with me." Both Matt and Heath noticed that Zander said "she".
"Who?" Heath asked. " Riley," Zander smiled.

"Ooo... Riley, not a bad choice. I know a nice place by the beach." says JD. Conner looked at JD then Zander "good see was that o hard? JD that is a nice place. Hay Zander if you guys need a ride let me know." said Conner.

"Oh, I might have to find out about that place." Zander said. To what Connor said; Zander responded. "I know she has a car but I think it might better if we went with someone she knows better than me. So, yeah sure but we're going out tomorrow night; after dinner. Are you free then?"

Conner looked at JD and got a crafty smile "I will be busy, But I think JD is free and I bet JD could get Rose to go too. He can use my car or ride with you guys," suggest Conner. JD looked at Conner "Really, volunteer me and Rose? I don't mind but I need to run this by Rose I am sure she won't mind or hope she won't. I will ask her later tonight." says JD.

Matt and Heath watched how Conner seemed to maneuver his way out of it and then volunteered JD and Rose. It was pretty amusing from their perspective. Zander decided to not comment on it but instead said. "That would be good. Just let me know when you find out."

Heath looked up and a smile crossed his face. "It looks like the girls are out of the meeting."

Matt followed Heath's look and also got a slight smile. "Well, some of them." Courtney, Sam and April were walking out but Rose, Kaylee, Riley and Dawn weren't with them.

JD looks at the girls "The conspiracy thickens, as only some of the girls show up" says JD. He looks at the guys "and it's got to be Rose probably last to come out. I feel my demise coming." he comments then laughs. Conner laughs "if anyone is safe here it is you JD." Conner stands to give a quick whistle "Girls over here!" he says to them. A lot of the girls in the area turn to look at Conner. He shakes his head "Well, that's not quite what I wanted," then laughs.

Courtney heard Conner and looked around at all the girls looking at him and laughed. Sam also found it amusing. Courtney said. "We better get over there before the other girls decide to mob him." Sam and April both laughed. The three girls headed over. Sam sat by Heath, Courtney by Matt and April next to Courtney. Courtney asked. "So, what's goin' on?" As the three girls looked at each other and grinned.

"Maybe we should ask you that question? Are you girls planing on cruel things on us guys I am not into whips but handcuff can be fun" said Conner in his normal flirting style. JD laughs at Conner "you know Conner one day that flirting will get you in trouble. Dare you to flirt with Ash like that." said JD with an evil grin.

The girls laughed at the back and forth between Conner and JD.
Courtney joked, "I think we all like Conner in one piece. Doubt he'd survive that." Sam responded. "Rose should be out soon maybe we should let her explain."

"Conner smiled, how do you know I did not try and got shot down burning in flames. Besides, I know it won't work out with me she is too controlling for my taste and she has her Jack. I am smart enough not to get in the middle of that." said Conner. JD sighs "I can't wait for her to come out. I think I will go through Rose withdraws soon." he says smiling.

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