The guys then Girl pt 1

(Takes place Tuesday after school...after dinner)
(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

With the girls off talking something about upcoming events, I am sure they are planing out the dace and maybe a few other activities thought JD. Rose was kind of cryptic about the whole thing. JD could only guess what was being talked about. With the upcoming action and dance coming up he was getting a little nervous. JD had been doing most of what most guys do for that day with Rose. A pitcher of him scrubbing Rose's back while she was taking a bath flashed in his mind. His face turned a little red at the thought. He shook his head some and took a deep breath and cleared that thought and started to look at his Coke on the table. JD and Conner had been only sitting at the table outside for a few minutes.

Conner could see JD was in thought. With the way, JD was acting he could only imagine what he was thinking. "Earth to JD," said Conner. He saw JD look up at him "what you can't go a day without thinking about her?" asked Conner. He was starting to get annoyed a little by JD always thinking about Rose talking about Rose. He thought it was great that JD was should he say in love with Rose even if JD had not said it yet out loud.

"Sorry Conner. Just in thought" replied JD. he looked around and took a drink of his coke. "Honestly it is hard for me to get her out of my mind," said JD. Conner smiled at JD's reply "I am not going to ask you what you were daydreaming about." said Conner. He looked over to see who else was around then took a drink of his coke. "JD just tell her," he said with a big grin on his face. JD got a confused look on his face. "Tell her what?" asked JD. Trying to figure out what Conner was talking about. "I tell her how I feel all the time," says JD. "Do you JD?" asked Conner. He paused "just tell her you to love her is it that hard?" asked Conner. Conner looked over and saw some of the other guys walking He gave a quick whistle to get their attention. "Guys over here," he said loudly.

Heath and Matt had been talking as well.
Heath had spotted Matt just as he was walking towards the door. "So, you think you and Courtney might be the next couple in our group?" Matt shook his head with a smile. "Working on it. Nah, no reason to rush it. We'll get there, I think, but we both have to be ready." "Oh, I see. I guess then she's the one that's not because you seem pretty ready." Heath's voice wasn't accusatory more just stating the obvious. "Yeah but the best things in life are worth waiting for," Matt commented Heath thought about how long it had taken Sam and himself to get to where they currently were. "Yeah, they are." Matt and Heath walked outside to see who was around and heard a whistle. Their heads turned to see and hear Conner calling them over. They went over and sat down with JD and Conner.

After they greeted the other two boys; Matt asked "So, does anyone know what the girls are discussing at their meeting?"

JD smiled and answered "hopefully not our demise" then chuckled. "I don't know about the other girls but Rose was rather cryptic about it. Probably action, the dance, shopping all of it? pick one." said JD. Conner laughs some "with it being all of them I am sure it does have something to do with some if not all us guys." suggested Conner. "I was Just bugging JD to man up and just tell Rose he loves her," he said with an evil grin obviously trying to start something.

"Sam was pretty cryptic as well," Heath said. "I think it has something to do with the auction," Matt responded to Conner's comment about the meeting. "Yeah, look at you, think your safe just because your single?" He joked. Heath and Matt both looked at JD when Conner said that JD loved Rose.
"Are you? Heck, what am I saying of course you are." Heath grinned. "It's kind of obvious." "I'm on Conner's side. You should tell her." Matt said. Matt and Heath playing along.

"Ya right, and when I have scared her away then what?" said JD not showing if was joking or not. "not sure if she is ready for that," he said thinking. "I will see how the action goes or the dance. what is the right time?" he asked

"Yeah, I doubt that will happen," Heath said. "From what Sam's told me anyway." The question came off when the right time to tell Rose would be and Matt joked. "Don't look at me. Never been to that point, yet." He meant telling a girl that. "The dance. You want it to be romantic and when you two are alone. During the dance; take her for a walk or something. Tell her then." He then joked but mostly at himself. "If you wait too long it might just slip out anyway."

JD took a drink of his coke "I am so confident at times and scared at the same time. I have messed up a lot in my past. I would like this relationship with Rose to work for more than 6 months." he says. he looks at the guys "enough about me. do you guys have anything special planned for the girls that win you?" he asked

Matt said. "I'm going to wait to find out who that is first . It's not though a date auction it's more of just doing things for them all day." Heath: "Same here. I don't really know." Matt looked at Heath: "Do you really think Rose won't just give Sam money to get you?" "I guess I'm not used to that but, also, Sam can be a little stubborn about taking money from Rose. So, I just have to wait and see." Heath commented

JD thought for a minute about what they just said. He could see Rose helping Sam easily. In the end If Rose wanted JD to know she would have told him he thought. "Sam is not the only one. I can be too," said JD "JD stubborn, no way" joked Conner. "I do find it sad that I have to trick people to give them money. I just wish people would take it if I offer it. I know I don't have endless pockets like Rose but most of the time I can handle it." said Conner to the guys.

Heath and Matt smiled at the comment about JD being stubborn.
Matt said to Conner. "I do know that feeling. I think some people have a harder time with it than others." Matt also would give money to people if necessary and could usually handle it. He looked at Heath. "Like your one to talk about being stubborn about that kind of thing." "Hey, you let me borrow your truck. That's plenty." Heath said. "But ..." Matt stopped his words like he forgot he wasn't supposed to say something.

"With me I just want Rose to know I will take care of her and she does not need to worry about me," said JD He took a drink "But I am sure most of us feel that way, Well except Conner he needs a girl that will take care of him," JD said with a chuckle. Conner smiled "Is that so bad?" he said with a grin.

"Oh, they all take care of us we just might not know it." Heath said but then added to JD. "But considering how much Rose does for everyone else I can understand that." Which was only true; was always there to do things like the dessert trucks at the beach party.
Matt was thinking to himself that he was pretty sure he knew a girl that would take care of Conner, if he wanted, but he wouldn't have said anything. Kaylee might never forgive him if he did.

JD and Conner nod in agreement. "Personally I think we have a good group and we take care of one other. I trust each of you." then he smiled " even JD most of the time." He said looking at JD almost laughing. JD shook his shook head knowing the sarcasm. "Thanks for the thanks for your confidence as friends," said JD with a light laugh.

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