Time With The Theater Kids

Dawn and April walked for a little ways before stopping, giving Dawn a chance to text someone in the theater kids group but before she could finish the text a tap was felt on her shoulder.

"They're over there," April pointed to the theater kids by the Haunted House ride.

Dawn and April walked over towards the theater kids.

"Hey," One of the theater kids, Mary greeted them. Followed by a bunch of hellos from the others. Not every theater kid came but there was a decent sized group there.

"Hi," Dawn and April greeted back.

"You two joining us?" Mary asked them.

Dawn responded, "No, we did this ride earlier. We might after."

"Ferris wheel next." Mary said, "I can text you if you want. When we get done."

"Can you text me after the Ferris Wheel?" Dawn said.

"Sure," Mary said.

Dawn and April moved away from the group. "So, what do you want to do?" April asked.

Dawn asked, "You want to get some food?"

April agreed to that suggestion and the two wandered off to find food. They found a place with Mexican food or at least an American facsimile. They both got walking tacos and found a table.

As they were eating April said, "Are you having as hard of a time keeping us a secret from our friends as I am."

Dawn swallowed her food and took a drink of her soda before answering. "Yeah. I'm not sure I want to wait until Monday. I mean maybe not all of them but the main group, at least. They won't say anything if we ask them not to."

That sounded good to April, "Ok, then we can tell them when we meet back up with them. Or at least hold hands in front of them; they'd catch on."

Dawn nodded, "True, at least most of them. Besides, we need to figure out the rooming situation. We can't pick our roommates but maybe suggestions would be good to have."

April poked her fork into the bag of food before saying, "I'm going to miss having you as a roommate."

Dawn touched the other girl's hand. "I'll never be far." Knowing how shy April was though she had to ask. "Are you worried about who you might get paired with?"

"Yes," April said honestly. "What if it's someone who doesn't like me?"

"Send them to me," Dawn spoke up without hesitation. "But seriously you have friends, not just me but others, that would have your back. You just need to ask."

"I know. It's still scary." April had often thought it was sheer luck that had put her and Dawn together as roommates. She wasn't holding out hope that her next roommate would be as nice. "Aren't you concerned?"

Dawn shook her head, "After growing up with Doug as a brother, my next roommate would have to be pretty horrible to scare me." She half joked, then paused before adding, "But I will miss having you as a roommate, as well."

April smiled at the other girl, and they finished eating. Dawn mentioned checking out a few stores which they did. They bought keychains which interlocked to form a heart. Dawn's had the initial A on it and April's had the initial D. The keychains where engraved with three colored gemstones that together with the violet keychains made the colors of the rainbow. It was subtle but meaningful to them.

The text came through just as they were finishing up. Dawn looked at her phone. "They are going to the scrambler next. You up for that?"

April nodded, "Sounds like fun."

The two went to meet the theater kids. When they got they got on the end if the line next to the theater kids. The talk going on was about the upcoming plays and who was trying out for what part.

One of the guys turned to April, "Are the nerds doing the lighting?"

"I think so." April said.

"Great. You know you nerds don't get enough credit for helping behind the scenes." The guy said.

"Thanks," April said though it felt weird taking credit for something she hadn't done much of. "I'll make sure to pass that on."

The guy nodded and then turned to Dawn, "You sooo need to talk Kyle into being in the spring musical."

Dawn and April looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Kyle was talented and he'd draw a crowd but Dawn didn't know why anyone would think she could talk Kyle into anything. It was on the tip of her tongue to say that Justin would have better luck than her with that.

"Has a musical been decided?" Dawn asked, "What are we doing?"

"No. But does it matter? He's got that presence." The guy said.

One of the girls overheard and added, "If we get Kyle we should definitely do something that puts him in tight pants. Preferably leather but jeans would work."

Dawn just shook her head, "I'll ask. How's that?"

The guy and the girl seemed alright, if not overly happy, with that response. The two started talking about how "hot" Kyle would look in "tight leather pants" and all the roles that might allow for that.

April leaned in to Dawn, "Are you going to really ask Kyle?"

Dawn replied, "Yup. I think he'll just say he's not interested but no harm."

April then giggled, "Are you going to mention the tight leather pants?"

Dawn grinned, "Definitely." Kyle had become pretty good friends with Dawn and April since arriving at Sakura. Good enough they could joke around with him. Besides, it was doubtful that it would bother the boy.

Dawn and April spent time with the theater kids going on rides, getting snacks, and just enjoying themselves before they left them to go meet the main group at the rapids ride.

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