Separate Ways For Awhile

Blossom blushed as she talked to Carter. True he was cute like Conner, but she found it easier to talk to Carter than Conner for some reason. As she listen to him tell her things she found herself telling him things without embarrassment or regret. He was a good listener and he made her feel pretty as well as important. Granted Conner told her she was pretty, but it didn't have the same feeling as when Carter talked to her. He seemed really interested in her boring past, home town and likes and dislikes. Then she took a bold move and gently took his hand and looked at Carter.

Blossom: I like you Carter.

Blossom had an innocent look on her face as she waited for his response.

Carter smiled at Blossom as he held her hand, "I like you, too."

He found it easy to talk to Blossom and found her interesting. He really wanted to spend more time with her and, if things worked out, ask her to the dance.

They got off the ride and as long as Blossom was alright with it Carter would keep holding her hand. That was until he got a text from Doug.

He apologized to Blossom, "Sorry but I just have to answer this. Then I'm yours for the rest of the day."

The text was actually perfect, even if Doug couldn't know that.

Text message:

Doug: Hey, where are you?

Carter: Filing in for a friend at the boardwalk.

Doug: Mel went out with Lance and Elena.

Carter: I know. They are on the approved list.

Doug: Right. Anyway, I'm being let out of prison on Monday."

Doug called restriction "prison". Carter was pretty sure the other boy wouldn't survive a week in actual prison.

Doug continued: I want you to come with me Monday, after school.

Carter: Where are we going?

Doug: Just bring money.

Carter knowing to let the question go: Ok.

Doug: later

And that was the end of it. Carter didn't know where Doug was taking him but had a good feeling that it might just put an end to things.

Carter turned his attention back to Blossom and offered his hand again. "So, what do you want to do next?" They were standing near the rest of the group.

Justin took a moment as he came up for air and looked at Kyle with his loving smile. He had a coy look on his face as he gave Kyle a small kiss on the nose.

Justin: If I didn't want this I would have stopped already.

Then Justin decided to nibble on Kyle's earlobes. He was really in the mood to enjoy his time on the ride before they were kicked off.

Kyle smiled at Justin's response and enjoyed the rest of the ride. The ride ended and when Justin was ready they went off to the group.

Dawn and April made their way over and Dawn said, "April and I were going to find the theater kids. I had promised to spend some time with them."

Zander commented: "Riley and I were talking about going to find the nerds. To spenda little time with them."

Rose then asked, "What does everyone else want to do?"

Kaylee who had been eying a particular ride since they had started walking around said, "I wanted to go on that."

Kaylee pointed out The Fireball as she spoke.

Rose knew she couldn't go on that ride so she thought for a moment, "Why don't we split up for a little while and do our own things. We can meet back up and about two at the Roaring Rapids ride, for anyone who wants to?"

April, Dawn, Zander and Riley said that was fine with them. And they wandered off.

Kaylee turned to Conner, "Do you want to go on that?" Meaning the Fireball ride. She'd go where he wanted to but had a feeling he would be alright with the ride.

Matt asked Courtney what she wanted to do. Courtney mentioned that the ride Kaylee pointed out seemed like fun so they decided to go on that.

Sam turned to Rose, "You good? I mean if Heath and I go off on on own for a while?" She knew Rose was fine as she had JD but wanted to ask anyway.

Rose nodded.

Sam hugged Rose then took Heath's hand and the two wandered off towards the ride Kaylee had pointed out.

Kyle turned to Justin, "What do you want to do?"

When Jack awoke the ride was over and Ashley and Roxy were in a good mood as they had a sly grin on their face. Jack was clueless as his neck was covered in hickeys. he received a lot of unpleasant looks from nearby patrons. He was feeling dizzy so he sat on a bench with both Ashley and Roxy on each side as they began to talk about the other things they wanted to to at the boardwalk.

Some of the group had noticed Jack looking like he could fall over but it was clear what they had been doing so there seemed to be nothing to say about it.

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