Lucid Dreams

Carter got on first then offered his hand to help Blossom on.

In the cart below, Blossom and Carter seemed in good spirits as they were now alone on the Ferris Wheel cart. Blossom was glad to spend time with Carter again and this time she didn't have to be the third or forth wheel.

Blossom: So do you have anything else to do after this?

Carter shook his head, "No, I'm free the rest of the day. I kind of would like to spend it with you. If you're ok with that?"

It was up to her. He was going to leave much up to her; it was the best way, in his mind anyway. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable or push anything, even accidently.

Blossom blushed as she talked to Carter. True he was cute like Conner, but she found it easier to talk to Carter than Conner for some reason. As she listen to him tell her things she found herself telling him things without embarrassment or regret. He was a good listener and he made her feel pretty as well as important. Granted Conner told her she was pretty, but it didn't have the same feeling as when Carter talked to her. He seemed really interested in her boring past, home town and likes and dislikes. Then she took a bold move and gently took his hand and looked at Carter.

Blossom: I like you Carter.

Blossom had an innocent look on her face as she waited for his response.

Meanwhile on a different cart Kyle and Justin were enjoying the view from their cart on the Ferris Wheel. They were holding hands without any concern from onlookers at this point. The view was beautiful and they were happy. A few flirting words led to a bit of touching and then some very passionate kissing. Justin was so into it he was almost forgot they could be seen by others.

Kyle didn't push anything but certainly when one thing led to another he gave into the passionate kissing with just as much passion. Forgetting anything outside the moment. They came up for air and Kyle asked, "You're good with this, right? I never want you to feel uncomfortable with me." Though the kissing had been mutual, Kyle also didn't want Justin getting off the ride and suddenly regretting anything.

Justin took a moment as he came up for air and looked at Kyle with his loving smile. He had a coy look on his face as he gave Kyle a small kiss on the nose.

Justin: If I didn't want this I would have stopped already.

Then Justin decided to nibble on Kyle's earlobes. He was really in the mood to enjoy his time on the ride before they were kicked off.

Jack sat on one side of the Ferris Wheel was Ashely and Roxy sat across from him with a mischievous grin on their faces. He tried to scoot backwards but was out of room and now he felt like a mouse trapped in a room with two hungry cats. He was scared and fighting back the tears. Ashley and Roxy pretended to talk about the scenery while staring at Jack as they were enjoying seeing him squirm. Then before he could protest they moved to his side and pinned him to his chair as they sat on his legs straddle style. Then both girls began to whisper into Jack's ear to confuse him before nibbling on his ears and neck. Poor Jack was done for at this point since no one was going to save him.

So while Ashley and Roxy were marking Jack's neck like it was their territory, Jack's mind began to wander to his happy place as he was being turned into a connect the dot sculpture. Jack looked up at the roof of the Ferris Wheel cart and his vision began to fade till his vision went black.

When he awoke he was in a tent and being awoken by a knight, archer, wizard and a priest. They explained that they were ready to take on the evil monsters that plagued the planet. As Jack got up he realized he was a ninja in the group and eagerly followed them as they fought all manner of monsters such as slimes, goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls and small dragons. Then they attacked an evil castle owned by the demon king and defeated her army. As they found the demon king they were surprised to see it was a pair of beautiful sisters in long sexy black dresses. The knight hero claimed they were easy prey and rallied the team to charge. Jack on the other hand felt something was wrong as he watched the dresses of the demon sister kings open and long black octopus tentacles came out and annihilated the team with ease then they captured Jack and began to suck the life out of him using the suction cups on their tentacles.

When Jack awoke the ride was over and Ashley and Roxy were in a good mood as they had a sly grin on their face. Jack was clueless as his neck was covered in hickeys. he received a lot of unpleasant looks from nearby patrons. He was feeling dizzy so he sat on a bench with both Ashley and Roxy on each side as they began to talk about the other things they wanted to to at the boardwalk.


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