Spread The Word

Melissa arrived back in her room, she hung the dress she had picked out. Once the video had come through it had taken about ten minutes to find the dress - the one she wanted to wear bought with her money. A dress Doug would hate which admittedly played a little into her decision.

Next was to spread the word: just to the people that needed to know. A text to the right person should take care of it.

Mel: Hi. I have news.

Courtney: Hey. Everything okay?

Mel: It will be. Can you spread the word to
..well you know - to be outside at the picnic tables tomorrow morning.

Courtney: Sure but why?

Mel: I need the backup. I'm breaking up with Doug.

Courtney: How? I mean that's great but how?

Mel: I can't tell you exactly but I have what I need.

Courtney: Where do you need us?

Mel: Carter will be with me but if everyone could just be outside the would help.

Courtney: I'll let them know.

Mel: Thanks. I'm going to get some sleep. Night

Courtney: Night.

From there Courtney texted Conner, Matt, Dante, Dawn and Zander to give them the message.

Melissa took one last look at her dress and smiled, tomorrow. She just had to wait until tomorrow.


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