Stammering and Perfect Pair.

Charlie: Eh.....sorry out.....your then.....sorry those not words.....ummm.....your ....ummm.......tha floor.....dancing.....uhhh....yes.

Charlie's face was red as the words coming out of his mouth were mixed up.

Galaxy listened to Charlie as he spoke, crossing one hand across their chest the free hand daintily held their cup of punch like a woman in an old noir movie. A coy smile crafting itself across their lips. Galaxy could tell what he wanted, but was equal parts bemused and charmed by his rambling outpour.

Galaxy tapped a painted nail on the edge of the cup. "Are you asking me to dance?" they questioned cocking an eyebrow giving the jock a coquettish look.

"Okay." Galaxy said, finishing their drink and extending a hand. "But only if you are a gentleman."


Walking over to the DJ Dante had a quick conversation and the DJ nodded.Dante' requested song began to play. Something far more up tempo from the previous songs but still had a close dance feel.

Dante smiled at Jocelyn, and she returned it. Despite the sea of people it felt like it was just to two of them. Dancing her feet hurt but she didn't care. Dante's moves were fluid and graceful despite the awkwardness of the height difference between the two even with Jocelyn's high heels.

They stayed in sync with each other Jocelyn doing spins, dress twirls and swishes, Dante doing moves that if it'd been anyone else doing it they would look like an absolute dork, but when the tempo down shifted they were back in slow dance mode. Staying as close as they could without and adult putting a ruler between the two to make sure they weren't enjoying things too much.

At the end of the song they were both slightly winded, and Dante had worked up a sweat never considering his outfit wouldn't breath well. "That was fun." he chuckled.

"Yeah." Jocelyn giggled. "I need to sit down for a little bit though. I'm not used to heels and my feet kinda hurt."

"I'm gonna go see how everyone else's nights are going then. I'll bring you something to drink on my way back. What would you like?" he asked.

"Water is fine." Jocelyn told him. "And take your time. Might have to switch to my flats."

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