Night of the Dance Oh my Parents

JD could not take his eyes off Rose the dress she was wearing was doing all kinds of stuff to his emotions and hormones. JD was almost too excited as he danced with Rose. his heart was beating fast. JD could barely focus on dancing. JD was OK at the face dancing but was great at the slow dancing. At one point got too close and kissed Rose putting his body on Rose's.

Slow Dance Song JD requested

Before JD knew it a hand was on JD's shoulder gently pulling him back. He looked over it was his mother with a stern look on her face. JD smiled and kept dancing not missing a beat. "Mom? Oh, great my parents are chaperones." Mombuled JD.

JD's mom smiled and gave a wink to Rose then walked off to correct another Coupal. JD looked Rose in the eyes "This dance means a lot to me you being here with me makes my heart beat," said JD romanticly to Rose.

Conner was in his world with Kaylee. He had never been serious at a dance with someone Conner liked. most of the time it was just girls looking to have a good time or wanted to be spiled or, using him, or was it Conner was using them? time would tell. With Kaylee, it was at a different level. For the first time, Conner was not looking to see how many girls he could dance with or kiss in a night.

The Glares that Kaylee must have been getting that night must have been intense. Kaylee had done something no one had done got Conners's full attention. Conner had pulled Kaylee on close even on the fast songs seemed like they were slow dancing. He had said little letting his touch, movements, and kisses do the talking.

During a heated moment as their passion flared. Conner and Kaylee were almost wearing one other. as they came up for air. Conner looked over a large man who stood next to them the man smiled. then gave a stern look "Conner watch yourself. I think the room temperature went up 10 degrees with you two. You could end up in a penalty box." The man said. Conner shook his head and chucked "Yes Mister Davenport" replied Conner. Mister Davenport gave him a nod and walked off.

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