The DJ then spun a fast song on the system so everyone could dance.

So Charlie took a step forward and almost tripped as his foot caught the foot of one of Sadie's entourage members. Naturally he was yelled at for scuffing her shoe and called a clumsy oaf among other profane things. However Charlie quickly regained his balance and escaped the harsh females into the crowd of dancing students. Even though it was the straight path, Charlie had trouble passing through the dancing students who kept blocking him from getting to Galaxy. However Charlie continued to stay focused on the mission and eventually made it through the crowd to where Galaxy was. He stared and Galaxy's enchanting face and failed to notice Galaxy's outfit as he slowly and nervously approach. Then Charlie tried to speak but only gibberish came out.

Charlie: Eh.....sorry out.....your then.....sorry those not words.....ummm.....your ....ummm.......tha floor.....dancing.....uhhh....yes.

Charlie's face was red as the words coming out of his mouth were mixed up.


Sadie giggled slightly at his comment, and continued to dance with him until she started to get thirsty.

"Let's sit, actually," the girl lowered voice "I'm going to sit. Get me a drink, and some for yourself if you want, then join me." She grinned at him and went to sit down.

Joey then kissed Sadie's hand like a gentleman and then waved at her as he he slowly walked backwards to see her walk off before he turned around. He made his way to the refreshment table and looked between all the various drinks they had. He saw soda's, flavored water, juice, seltzer, energy drinks, tea, Gatorade and some heathy drinks. He picked his and then one he knew Sadie would approve of before returning to the table where he opened it in front of Sadie and served it to her with a smile as he said, "I hope I picked the right one, but if you have another preference I will happily fetch a different one for you." Joey was ready to have Sadie make him go back and forth to the refreshment table since it added to her commands.


Kyle smiled at Justin, "You might have," then joked, "Might have to be careful so I don't get a big ego or something."

Kyle really wasn't conceited, at all, though sometimes people would see his stage presence and make assumptions.

The faster song meant they could dance at a faster pace, so Justin began showing off his dance moves hoping to impress Kyle. Oddly enough Justin looked like a back up dancer for a band the way he moved. It was obvious he had a lot of practice before coming to high school.


Carter smiled gently at Blossom. "It's fine, really. I'm not about to be mad at you saying that."

He would like to kiss her right now. The blushing just made her more attractive.

Carter continued dancing with her and said, "You look beautiful."

Blossom was still beet red as she heard Carter compliment her and her impulse became a reality as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She then covered her mouth and giggled nervously. She mumbled under he hand as she said, "Oh I can't believe I just did that. to excited."


Jack was relieved to hear a fast song playing now so he could get Roxy and Ashley to back off. Granted he was a very good dancer he only did it when he had to. His family used to attend dancing events a lot like Weddings and Quinceañeras so he had a lot of practice. Roxy was enjoying herself despite not being nearly as graceful as Jack and Ashley looked rather provocative. Ironically the three of them gathered a lot of looks from the other couples but mostly from the jealous single guys and some of the single ladies who were curious why Jack was this popular despite being a grouch all the time.


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