Slow Dancing

Joey smirked as he listened to Sadie and then whispered back, "Only because I love kissing your....... I mean kissing up to you. Joey caught himself before saying something bad in public. He then continued to dance with Sadie as he smiled at her and was only fixated with her eyes. Each moment he was with her, he was becoming attached to her.

Sadie giggled slightly at his comment, and continued to dance with him until she started to get thirsty.

"Let's sit, actually," the girl lowered voice "I'm going to sit. Get me a drink, and some for yourself if you want, then join me." She grinned at him and went to sit down.

Justin blushed as Kyle accepted him with more words of affirmation. It was hard for him to take this big step again since he was burned badly last time. It helped that Kyle had no real interest in females, but only time would tell if they were going to last through high school. It was common knowledge that many couples broke up after high school for many reasons such as going to different colleges, moving far away, loss of interest and fighting. However Justin was still hoping that they could make this work despite the odds. He looked at Kyle and said, "Did I mention you look amazing?"

Kyle smiled at Justin, "You might have," then joked, "Might have to be careful so I don't get a big ego or something."

Kyle really wasn't conceited, at all, though sometimes people would see his stage presence and make assumptions.

Blossom was still red in the face as her heart was beating very fast. She was filled with many emotions and urges such as kissing Carter, hugging him and grabbing his backside. She knew it was far from ladylike to do such things, especially in public so she held back her wild side. So as she was trying to keep her feelings in check she accidently said, "God you're so hot right now." After a moment passed Blossom realized what she said as she apologized, "Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it...I mean I did but I shouldn't say least out loud. Please don't get mad." Blossom was scared as she was worried what kind of reaction Carter might have for her as a pervy girl.

Carter smiled gently at Blossom. "It's fine, really. I'm not about to be mad at you saying that."

He would like to kiss her right now. The blushing just made her more attractive.

Carter continued dancing with her and said, "You look beautiful."

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