The DJ was playing another slow song for the couples.

Finishing touch was two rhinestone hair clips to hold their hair in place so Galaxy could get wild with out their hair flopping all over and getting super messy, and pair of black heels.

Going to dinner and sitting with their posse before heading into the dance. Most of them had gone stag and were just dancing with each other. Galaxy was waiting for the right song, and while they waited they leaned against a wall, sipping punch.

Charlie was feeling very awkward as he stood next to Sadie's entourage. He could feel the glares at him and the fact that they were not talking to him unless it was to get out of the way so they could see Sadie dancing. Poor Charlie desperately looked around to see if Galaxy was around. He was hoping she would dance with him, however he still needed to work up the nerve to ask her to dance and that meant talking to her. Charlie was sweating bullets as he was trying to figure out what to say to Galaxy in the first place so he was giving himself an additional dose of stress. Then he saw Galaxy come in with some friends and began sipping punch.

So Charlie took a step forward and almost tripped as his foot caught the foot of one of Sadie's entourage members. Naturally he was yelled at for scuffing her shoe and called a clumsy oaf among other profane things. However Charlie quickly regained his balance and escaped the harsh females into the crowd of dancing students. Even though it was the straight path, Charlie had trouble passing through the dancing students who kept blocking him from getting to Galaxy. However Charlie continued to stay focused on the mission and eventually made it through the crowd to where Galaxy was. He stared and Galaxy's enchanting face and failed to notice Galaxy's outfit as he slowly and nervously approach. Then Charlie tried to speak but only gibberish came out.

Charlie: Eh.....sorry out.....your then.....sorry those not words.....ummm.....your ....ummm.......tha floor.....dancing.....uhhh....yes.

Charlie's face was red as the words coming out of his mouth were mixed up.


"You're a good dancer, " she complimented Joey. Sadie then whispered in his ear, "No wonder you're so good at other things."

Joey smirked as he listened to Sadie and then whispered back, "Only because I love kissing your....... I mean kissing up to you. Joey caught himself before saying something bad in public. He then continued to dance with Sadie as he smiled at her and was only fixated with her eyes. Each moment he was with her, he was becoming attached to her.


"I know this is a big deal, so thank you for taking this step for me."

Kyle moved a little closer to Justin as they continued to move to the music.

Justin blushed as Kyle accepted him with more words of affirmation. It was hard for him to take this big step again since he was burned badly last time. It helped that Kyle had no real interest in females, but only time would tell if they were going to last through high school. It was common knowledge that many couples broke up after high school for many reason such as going to different colleges, moving far away, loss of interest and fighting. However Justin was still hoping that they could make this work despite the odds. He looked at Kyle and said, "Did I mention you look amazing?"


There were a few girls wearing corsages, just enough that it didn't seem strange. Carter was just glad to have made his date happy.

The two stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity, more swaying to the music than dancing. Carter wasn't paying attention to anyone but Blossom.

Blossom was still red in the face as her heart was beating very fast. She was filled with many emotion and urges such as kissing Carter, hugging him and grabbing his backside. She knew if was far from ladylike to do such things, especially in public so she held back her wild side. So as she was trying to keep her feelings in check she accidently said, "God your so hot right now." After a moment passed Blossom realized what she said as she apologized, "Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it...I mean I did but I shouldn't say it....at least out loud. Please don't get mad." Blossom was scared as she was worried what kind of reaction Carter might have for her as a pervy girl.


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