Next Steps

Sadie was far from bored with Joey, as far as she was concerned they really had just gotten started in their relationship. When they were together sparks definitely flew, even just dancing together.

The original plan had been to tame Joey, get him to not be such a womanizer. Who knew it would work so well. They would have to discuss what happens after the dance. For now though Sadie was happy whispering commands in his ear, dancing with him and just spending time together.

"You're a good dancer, " she complimented Joey. Sadie then whispered in his ear, "No wonder you're so good at other things."


"You never sound like an idiot, and thank you." Kyle responded, "You look hot yourself."

They continued to dance, Justin's nervousness wasn't lost on Kyle.

"I know this is a big deal, so thank you for taking this step for me."

Kyle moved a little closer to Justin as they continued to move to the music.

There were a few girls wearing corsages, just enough that it didn't seem strange. Carter was just glad to have made his date happy.

The two stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity, more swaying to the music than dancing. Carter wasn't paying attention to anyone but Blossom.

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