Others filtered into the dance in a relatively short time. Dawn and April could now be open about their relationship with the rest of the school and were prepared to do just that. As they entered the dance, they noticed Justin and Kyle dancing together.

"Aww, that's sweet." April commented.

"It is, I'm happy for them." Dawn smiled at her date. "Shall we …". Making a motion towards the dance floor.

April nodded and the two started dancing.


Courtney and Matt had gotten some air before getting to the dance. It was a fairly nice night out, after all.

The two looked around, some people were dancing, but the majority hadn't taken to the dance floor just yet. Nancy looked like a cat waiting to pounce.

Courtney noticed Mel and Jason dancing together then going to sit down with the group. "Let's sit," Courtney requested.

Matt agreed, they could dance on later.


Sam and Heath arrived and went over to the group. Sam noticed the bracelet on Rose's wrist.

"Oh, that's nice." Sam commented. "JD, I think you nailed it." Meaning she thought he did a good job with the gift

She complimented Kaylee's necklace as well. Then turned to watch the couples and one trio on the dance floor.

Heath just rolled his eyes at the Jack, Ashley and Roxy mess. Two girls would probably spell disaster eventually.

Zander and Riley arrived pretty much as the last of the group. They had opted to take a walk, rather than going straight to the dance.

As the two left dinner, Zander turned to Riley. "Would it be alright if we went for a walk before dinner?"

"Of course," Riley didn't know why, but she had the feeling the walk between them wasn't a random suggestion.

The two walked for a while on the brightly lit path, near the lake before finally stopping and engaging in a kiss.

Zander was nervous, it might be the most nervous he had ever been. There was a hesitation before the boy spoke.

"I hope I'm not rushing this…but…um…I really like you, like being with you….I mean if you say no, I'd understand but…what I'm trying to ask is - would you - could we become official - as a couple."

There Zander had tripped over his words but got them out just the same.

Riley stood there dumbfounded for a moment, she hadn't expected that but the answer was easy.

"Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend."

A lingering kiss passed between them, they talked for a while longer, before heading to the dance.

When they arrived at the table, both of them looked as if something had definitely happened during their walk, something good but neither was saying anything.

Mel and Jason had sat back down but it wasn't long before one of the boys from the theater group asked Mel to dance, then it was one of the boys nicer scholarship football players, then one of the male cheerleader, apparently now that Mel wasn't dating Doug, boys were willing to approach her - so they did. Mel was having fun dancing with them.

Doug was getting angrier by the moment, the football player dancing with Mel upset him even more than Jason.

He continued to dance with his date, and pulled her in close, and a little too close for the chaperones as the two were given a warning to back up a little. That only ignited Doug's irritation even more.

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