Moments On The Dance Floor

DJ playing a slow song

Joey's blood began to boil as Sadie whispered into his ear and on instinct he whispered back, "As you wish." He led her to the dance floor and kissed her hand before they began to dance to a slow song. He put his hand on her waist and began to sway as he gazed into her eyes like a lonely sailor looking at the night sky. The boy was totally into Sadie and would gladly be her boy toy the rest of his life. However the thought of her getting bored with him scared him. He was now dedicated to staying in shape and passing his classes and doing well modeling so he could still appeal to her. Of course he would simply be happy to get a spanking and some teasing when the mood struck her. After this taboo S&M door was opened in his life he found himself dependent on Sadie to fill his needs. Of course kissing her sweet behind was also appealing to him, both figurative and literally.


Justin held Kyle's hand nervously as they smiled at each other and made their way to the middle of the side of the dance floor to avoid the crowd. Justin was nervous as he put his hands on Kyle's hips and began to sway to the slow song. He gazed at Kyle's big brown eyes and his heart melted as he took a big leap of faith in dancing with him in public. He knew this would attract some trouble later on but if Kyle was the one he was willing to take that chance. He whispered to Kyle with a nervous smile, "You look so hot right now. I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot."


Blossom was beet red as she was excited about getting her first corsage. She didn't even notice that many of the other girls were not wearing one. All her attention was on Carter at this point and in her mind he was dreamy. This was her guy and she was lit up like a Christmas tree. He was smart, handsome, athletic and into her. This was something that only existed in her dreams back home. She didn't want this moment to end as she heard him ask her to dance. Blossom nodded as she bit her bottom lip and let Carter take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. At that moment she had no idea what song was playing or who was around them as she was enchanted by his dark masculine eyes.


Nancy on the other hand was like a nervous nelly waiting for a train wreck to happen. Her scoop needed to be powerful in order to satisfy her readers and the bigger the better. She loved big drama and nothing else would work for her. Of course trying to force it would only backfire so she needed it to be natural and caused by teens with bad judgement, which seemed to be available in this school.


Alex was bored as she sat at a table with a few female friends who were also single. She wanted to get some attention from the guys but lacked motivation and most of the hot guys were taken for now. Alex was a slacker who preferred to be pampered and missed out on her chance with Conner. Apparently he was into petite girls since he was dating Kaylee now. So she needed to look elsewhere for a hottie to pamper her. As she looked around she saw several singles and couples either dancing or socializing with each other or on their phones. She sighed as she was tempted to whip out her phone as well till she saw Jack dancing with Ashley and Roxy. This was not a normal scene since most girls were not the sharing type. She wondered how this Jack guy managed to get two hot girls despite being a grouch all the time in class. True he was good looking, smart, and there was a rumor he was a blackbelt which made him tough even though he was not doing any sports. Before she knew it she was staring at him with a lot of questions in her mind.


Meanwhile Jack was slow dancing with both Ashley and Roxy in a triangle pattern. Poor Jack was feeling awkward as he was dancing with the two crazy girls who fancied him. He was hesitant to look into their eyes because they looked like hungry cats staring at a mouse. It was both erotic and terrifying at the same time and his stomach was in knots. These girls would be the death of him and it hasn't been a year yet. Many things about this odd relationship made him nervous such as explaining to his parents, Ashley's parents and maybe one day Roxy's parents. To make it worse the holidays were coming up and he would have to spend time with them as well as buy them Christmas gifts. Then after that there was Valentine's Day and Birthday gifts to worry about. So he was struggling to deal with all that stress as he danced with them on instinct. Meanwhile Ashely and Roxy were having dirty thoughts about Jack and wondering how they could tease him more. They were determined to break him and make him subservient over a long time since the game of chase was so appealing. To make the situation even more weird the song being played made Jack nervous while exciting Ashley and Roxy.


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