Rose and Kaylee - The Dance Begins

When Conner and JD arrived to pick up Kaylee and Rose, Matt was already there and Courtney was greeting him with a kiss. Actually, the two didn't notice the boys were there until they broke the kiss and Courtney looked up.

"Hey, you two." Courtney greeted Conner and JD. Matt gave them a greeting as well.

Courtney grinned at JD, "You might want to brace yourself. Rose's dress is …"

Right as Courtney was about to finish that statement, Kaylee came down the stairs. She smiled at the group and greeted Conner with a kiss. Then the freshman grinned and said, "Rose should be down in a moment."

True to her word, Rose descended the stairs, in a dress that she was certain JD wasn't expecting on her. The look on the boy's face though proved that he definitely liked the look. Thinking she might not get away with choosing her own dress again for a while, Rose opted for something a little bolder than usual, something that would surprise JD. Sam and Courtney had encouraged her but they never pressured her, the dress had been Rose's decision.

Matt and Courtney looked at each other, and Matt then said, "We're going to head to dinner." The couple left.

Rose and JD kissed and then the four proceeded to dinner.

Dinner was fun, at some point both girls were given their presents. Both girls loved their gifts and thanked their prospective dates.

It was then on to the dance, finding their friends and to enjoy the night.

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