Back On the Move

JP with Omni and redsword_7

~On the Cronus~

“I was wondering. Did you guys have any hazmat suits or NBC equipment on this ship and did it work?", asked Roberts.

Dr Flynn responded, "Oh yes, we had both. Some were left behind on LV-1113 during our escape. Others were used by crew who didn't make it. They were either killed by those things or… were mutated themselves... If there are any left, they may be in the storage on C Deck."

"There is movement on every deck. When should we move? We can't stay in here forever.", Roku asked.

"Which bay are the supplies in?" Roberts said, sounding frustrated.

"There are storage compartments right below us and also Cargo Bay 1, which is further aft,” said the Doc.

Do they have air canisters too? Roberts inquired.

"Hard to say. We did work outside the vessel a few times. They may have been moved or used. I don't have an inventory list without accessing MU/TH/UR directly.", Reyes responded.

Just then there was a sound.

“Did you hear that?”, she offered.

“Yeah, sounded like a pipe dropping on metal and then some kind of panging or tapping... Maybe gunshots?” Johns replied.

Dr Flynn said, “I FELT something, can’t really hear much of anything outside of this room.”

The Montero crew didn’t hear anything but there were some vibrations in the floor. The Cronus crew started donning their helmets.

“We’re ready when you are, Marshal Roberts., said the Second Officer.

“I just picked up several pings below us on C Deck, it’s hard to tell but whatever was down there just headed toward the starboard corridor, Marshal. Is it possible that the Captain and Paddy boarded?”, said Roku. "I didn't feel a ship docking but I suppose it could have happened while we were on the move."

"Line up. We open the door, myself and Kirby go first. Kirby, go left side. I will take right, the rest, straight through to the Junction and down as fast and safely as you can."

Roberts pumped the shotgun under the M41A and readied it. When everyone was in position, he gave the nod to open the door with Kirby on overwatch.

The door opened, Vera went left, Roberts went right, both on overwatch. Johns and Reyes opened the B1 Junction door. The hallways and junction were clear and the crew opened the hatch down to C1 Junction.

Roberts went to the hatch, waited for a second as if he expected something to pop up then he looked down, pointing the M41A down the hatch, ready to fire.

The C1 Junction below was clear. The team began to move down the ladder. During the descent, the sounds of quickly moving footfalls approached from the direction of the Mess Hall and soon there was a slam into the right side door, buckling it inward. Half of the crew was still inside the B1 Junction waiting to climb down.

"Slide down, damn it! Clear the ladder area.", Roberts ordered, making sure people got to the sides of the Junction.

Ogai and Roku were down the ladder quickly, but before Jensen could start climbing down, the door bent open at the bottom and a strange misshapen form wrenched its way through.

Looking up, Roku caught a glimpse of the mutated man from her childhood, the man who looked 'wrong', his back hunched and his arms too long like a gorilla; his head malformed.

When she snapped back into reality, the thing was gone. Roku climbed the ladder to close the hatch and stood in the C1 Airlock breathing hard, her heart racing.

“I... I’m sorry...”, she whispered to the group as she backed up against the wall.

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