JP with Omni and redsword_7

~On the Cronus~

...When she snapped back into reality, the thing was gone. Roku climbed the ladder to close the hatch and stood in the C1 Airlock breathing hard, her heart racing.

“I... I’m sorry...”, she whispered to the group as she backed up against the wall.

While Roku was catatonic, the crew heard gunfire over their active comms, shouting and cursing as they ran through a door. The thing roared as it came through . There were a few slams and thuds, then the sound of Johns in pain, Jensen and Clayton telling him to get up as they helped him. Now they heard heavy gasping breaths as the team ran.

After a moment, the noise faded away.

"Jensen! Talk to me! Status! Can you hide? Get cover? Something?” Yelled Roberts, then he turned to the others inside the junction. “Ok. Everyone stays here. Do not make any noise. Lock the doors. I will radio you when I am back." With that, he went back up after the others. "On my way Where are you guys?" he asked over comms.

Roberts noticed that the starboard side door inside of the B1 Junction was bent open from the bottom and there were some bullet casings strewn over the floor.
Jensen slowed his breathing and tried to whisper. “Corporate Suite... Port side corridor... two zones aft of the armory... That thing is lurking... in the hall outside.”

"Stand by, on my way.", Roberts said quietly. He closed the hatch behind him and locked it. Leading with the M41A, he went in the port side direction, checking all the blind spots as he went and keeping the shotgun mod ready.

Reyes used her access keycard to quickly lock all of the C1 Junction doors.

Entering the Forward Port Side Corridor, Roberts found Johns’ shotgun and some scuffs and scrapes of red paint from the man’s ECO All World Survival Suit streaked on the wall and the floor. Roberts kept his rifle pointing in the direction he was moving. He reached down and slung the shotgun to take it with him.

Roberts now had his eyes on the mutated man; the abomination. It was pacing about 25 meters away down the corridor facing away from him. The door accessing the lateral hallway was open and the door to the Aft Port Side Corridor was stuck mostly ajar.
Roku came in over comms. “Roberts, let me know if you need motion detection.”

At that moment, the abomination started testing the integrity of the door to the Corporate Suite. The gasps and trembling breaths from the three crewmen inside commenced.

Roberts, taking careful aim, fired his shotgun mod.The frag round blasted the side of the abomination, splattering yellowish green blood in the corridor. The creature quickly turned its bulbous, grey, gelatinous head toward Roberts and cocked it to the side analyzing him.

Taking aim, Roberts fired a burst from the M41A, hoping for the best. It was hardly effective.

The creature started sprinting incredibly fast and before Roberts had a chance to fire, he knew he needed to get cover. Running back to the Junction, he jumped in, closing the door behind him then turned around, putting his back to the wall beside the destroyed starboard side door.

The Abomination punched a grey fist through the viewport and grabbed the door, pulling it as hard as possible. The door was being bent and pulled free from the top casing. The creature yanked the door like a chimp shaking the bars of a cage.

Roberts crouched through the bent door on the opposite side of the junction and circled around to the other side of the creature firing a burst from the pulse rifle.

The abomination got plugged with bullets but it still stood. Then a shot came from down the corridor as Jensen fired his pistol.

The Abomination ignored the shot as it leapt onto Roberts, knocking him to the ground. The pulse rifle and shotgun clattered across the floor then the abomination brought its heavy fists down on Roberts' chest.

Vera rushed out of the B1 Junction and slammed the Abomination on the head with her flamer, to which it quickly turned its attention. The Abomination grabbed her by the throat and threw her against the door leading to the Bridge. She fell to the ground, dropping the incinerator.

Roberts reached for his Pulse Rifle as the Abomination stepped off of him and moved right up to the fallen Vera, pouncing onto her and smashing her legs. Vera immediately began to leak white lubricant, wincing, but not actually feeling true pain.

“Roberts, come on!”Jensen yelled from down the Hall.

The hulking creature brought its heavy limbs down again and again until Vera’s system shuts down. Then it turned back around and stomped over toward Roberts.

Again Jensen fired a shot and missed.

Roberts rolled on to his feet and standing up, he ran toward Jensen. "Coming in hot!"

He slid through the door like a baseball player slides into home as the thing sprinted behind him and the door came sliding down with a hiss and kerchunk. Slam!

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