12: Ni-Bump-ght

When the sun came up Jenny changed into some clothes that weren't covered in undead blood and absent of a hole the size of a tree branch. As she was getting dressed it dawned on her she couldn't remember the last time she ate.

She went down for breakfast. She had no idea what food to expect. Back home if it was growing season it was a quick meal usually hot oatmeal with raisins or dates, sometimes slices of apples if they could salvage parts of the apple from bad ones. If it was the off-season and they just sold the harvest they had a grand breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, griddlecake, french toast, the whole shebang. They usually didn't eat again until dinner that day. She loved the first breakfast after selling the harvest if it was a good year. If it was a bad year, she would really rather not wake up until the next post-harvest breakfast and hope for the best because it was going to be a very bad year. After moving to the big city and working as a waitress she usually ate whatever was the cheapest or food the diners left on their plate. After starting the movie as more than an extra while shooting or on the publicity tour she ate the continental breakfast at the hotel. It reminded her of the post-harvest breakfast after a good year, the food tasted amazing but it wasn't the same, it was kind of depressing. It got better once she got to know the others but it still wasn't the same.

She wandered around the house trying to find the kitchen. Out of habit and unconsciously she avoided others best as she could which was very difficult. She eventually realized what she was doing and she didn't have to or need to do it. She eventually found the kitchen. She approached the door. She hesitated for a moment before she opened the door. She opened it slowly.

((OOC: Not sure who all might be in the mansion at the moment. Anyone is welcome to have bumped into her in the halls.))

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