Tarmen - You spend most of following days recovering from your wounds, deep in contemplation, under the ministrations of Nicolaus. The apothecary is soon to depart to Ostiarium and you are hoping that most of your wounds are recovered enough so that you can hitch a ride, don't bust your many stitches on the wagon journey and bleed to death. Late one night Sir Zane comes to see you carrying a wine skin.


Alexis -Tar leads you deeper into Fang and you travel a couple of days. He insists you travel mainly in the later part of the day and early night, while you rest and camp during the day hours. You can't say you disagree with his decision. You have had enough of sudden encounters with the Odonine. A few days after you leave the Maru Fort, just before dusk, you arrive at your destination. High in a plateau to your left, Tar tells you is one of your companions. A small village nestles in the shadow of the mountain.

Hunter - You have been fed only enough so you don't die of starvation or thirst. Your naked skin is blistered, your lips parched, as you have been exposed to the elements. You have been branded with a hot iron. The three vertical lines on your left shoulder mark you as a slave of the Odonine.

Armat Caravanserai

Shalia - That evening Shalia Nix is escorted to a large walled off section of the fort's courtyard. A large fire pit takes centre place, where you see a goat roasting in the open fire. A low semi circular wooden table frames top of the room, making all seated guests look inwards towards the roaring flames. At the head of a table you see an older man, the leader of the Ihlara clan, already seated. He is thin and of olive complexion with long white hair and a thick moustache. You see the seneschal that greeted you earlier at his left shoulder. You are shown to seat to the right of the man. Not far to his right a couple of seats down a man dressed in long flowing robes, the likes of which you have never seen before, sits a man holding a cup. He looks at you with a smile. He doesn't look like any Odonine you have seen before. It doesn't take long for you to realise he is the Ozainae emissary you are to meet.

Islana - You are left in the quarters assigned to Shalia as she attends an evening feast. Two of her guards stay behind. Food is brought to them later in the evening and once they are done with it they allow you the rest. They eye you curiously especially at your red hair. One of them tries to interact with you in their hard guttural languages, even teaches you a few words in Odonine, and of course points at your hair with a familiar word 'Fosia'...
When he does, you hear the call of your falcon high up in the evening sky.

Odsier Plains

Voah and Gonyaul - Your journey continues. A few days out of Aquilo you see the first signs of war. In the distance you see a group of Odonine warriors herding cattle back into the mountain and a small group of slaves. You attempt at all costs to keep yourself away from large groups and out of any migration routes that are easy to spot in the earth of the plains. Later that day you see the rising smoke of a large fire up ahead in your path. The loud sound of crying and moaning reaches you in the evening air. Someone is hurt.

Wim - The migrations of the tribes is in full swing. The small group you travel with tries to make it to the Gate City as quickly as possible. And word of the attacks of the Odonine against the Odsier is also spreading and the tribes are on a warpath. A few days after you leave Aquilo you see three riders in the distance. They ride with their spears high in the air, hooting and shouting.

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