Leaving, Sweetheart and Caution - Oh My!

With all of her clothes already on and her bag, which she carries everywhere, with her, Sophia has no reason to return. Quickly, she helps Honey up onto the back of the wagon and follows. "Thank you, Perrine," She says in a soft tone, letting out a heavy sigh. "I can't...I can't stay there. Being locked underground just isn't my style, you know?"

She knows he will understand because he obviously never stays in one place for too long. That's the kind of lifestyle she prefers, after all. Staying in one place always risks getting caught.


Khunara cannot help but blush at how sweet Johnathan is. "You're too kind," She says with a soft smile back at him and steps into the room. "Hello, Finlay," She says as she grabs some gloves and slips them on. "How are you feeling now? I know you've been through a lot, but can you handle a simple vitals check?"

Her voice is polite, as is every gesture she makes. The young doctor wants nothing more than to help her patient's when they need her.

All the while, Khunara's mind thinks of how sweet Johnathan is and hopes she can repay him one day.


Demitri waits for them to leave, watching Lydia carefully. He is aware of her mental strength and knows when to pick his battles, so he waits. Upon her departure, he goes over to the body and crouches down. "Live a life of disgust, die a life of disgust..." He mutters and searches the body for any idea of who he is.

With nothing of interest, the man gets up and follows the young woman he watches from a distance. Lydia is his target, but he is unsure of whether or not he can handle her. She can read minds and after seeing that body...well, he is unsure he wants to risk the fight.

"Damn it..." He growls beneath his breath.

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