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Tib’s Corner – My Ongoing Worlds Experience #KeepCalmKeepOngoing

header_monster3Hey guys, Tib here. Well, Happy New Years! But first, was 2013 really a year? It felt like a month didn’t it? Anyway. The year is over and a new one is here! And even though I haven’t even been here a year yet this site has just helped me so much and has given me so much fun in the past few months. My experience here has been amazing, I’ve had ups and downs and I’ve been screwed by so many online groups before but not by you guys. So before I get into what this is really about, all kidding aside, I want to say thank you, to all of you. OW is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning, without you guys I just wouldn’t have had the experience I’ve had here. The games, the camaraderie I’ve had with the members, the blog position, and just the writing overall. In the 6 months and 10 days I’ve been here, you guys have made it just unforgettable and so remarkable, thank you. Anyway, now that I’m past the part that made me choke up a bit. I want to know about your OW experience, from the beginning to now. Submit in the form and let the entire roleplaying your experience you’ve had with this site. The deadline for submissions will be January 8th, 2014 with a possible extension if needed. Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with King Alex *The Awesome #Kingliness


Hey guys, Tib here, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a room, being help captive against my will by the wonderful and amazing King Alex *The Awesome. King Alex is a member of the Triumvirate of Doom and a self described “King of Everything.” So let’s inverstigate the king shall we? Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with Victoria Taylor “Celticlady, Tori”

tumblr_mezcrofyv61rfnwv0o1_250Hey guys! Tibby here with another interview! This one is with the fast rising GM, Victoria Taylor. Or as we know her around OW, “Celticlady” or “Tori.” Victoria is GM of one of OW most popular games, “DNA With A Twist.”. I emailed Victoria to start the interview and let’s see what she had to say!

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Tib’s Corner – Interview with Chris Janiver “11121519518”

43576979¡Hola! Cómo Estas and what not Ongoing Worlds! Tibbeh here with another interview [SUPER DUPER EXCITINGNESS!]. This post is with Chris Janiver, or as y’all may know him as, 11121519518, Eleven, or simply Chris [if you know him that well]. He’s an active member [as well as a funny one] around OW. So I thought I’d sit him down and interview him! Let’s delve into the strange and undiscovered mind of our Eleven!

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Tib’s Corner – Interview with Andy Longman “BaronVonLongman”


Hey ho Ongoing Worlds! Tib here with an interview with seasoned OW Veteran and Blue Dwarf veteran, Andy Longman or as you know him “BaronVonLongman.” Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with David “Onion” Ball

Just the Tib's Corner Logo, mediocre, I know

Hey everyone! Tib here with Tib’s Corner’s first interview! Our first interview is with no one other than the Ongoing Worlds creator, Dave Ball, AKA Onion. Dave Ball is not only the site’s creator, but the creator of Blue Dwarf itself. I had the chance to talk to Dave with a short interview, and here’s what I found out about the creator!

Q: When did you decide to make a fan-fic based off of the BBC comedy “Red Dwarf”?

A: It was when I was at college, I spoke with a friend who first had the idea of creating an ongoing “game” where you send email between members to continue the story with each email. Read More


The story of New Worlds Project: #3 – Launching the saga


Written by Kim Smouter, Co-Founder of New Worlds Project. Read all articles about New Worlds Project

Getting the setting right was just one of the many challenges facing our launch. We had to get the word out that we had created this setting. We wanted intrepid writers to come join us to test whether it could serve as a decent platform for collaborative writing and role-playing. We’d been working a few years towards achieving this, whilst keeping our responsibilities at Star Trek: Independence where both of us were quite key players. Read More


The story of New Worlds Project: #2 – Crafting an Original Setting


Written by Kim Smouter, Co-Founder of New Worlds Project. See part 1 of the story of New Worlds Project here.

What we did in 2003

When New Worlds Project was launched in 2003, Alex and I were both excited, and relieved to have passed the development stage of the initiative. Developing an original setting is no small feat but it is a deeply rewarding experience which became a central unique selling point of the initiative in its heydays. What I want to do in this chapter is to really go through the ingredients and approaches that really made this work at the time to enable you to have a recipe that could be followed by game-masters looking to launch an original concept. Read More


The story of New Worlds Project: #1 – 2001, a Space Odyssey

New worlds project

Written by Kim Smouter, Co-Founder of New Worlds Project.

From successful launch, to project failure, to reboot – my journey as a co-founder

In 2001, the world was a very different place, the idea that a mixed-race man would become the next President of the United States was a dream we all thought would only become a reality in a century, and I was still years away from graduating from school. The term ‘social media’ to represent weirdly named sites like Facebook or Twitter did not exist in the English language. Read More


Writing character death scenes in roleplay

Grim reapers drinking tea

I’ve asked a few people recently about their experience of the killing off characters in their roleplay, and have got some great snippets which I’ll publish here on the blog. I know it’s a morbid topic, but quite an interesting one! Read More