Welcome to the Fleet of Woe

There was a massive shudder throughout the ship as the Dwarf slid through the vortex. Most of the crew, with the exception of the holograms, found themselves thrown to the floor as instruments overloaded throughout the ship.

Monroe's corpse somehow mysteriously disappeared. Seymour fell out of his wheelchair onto the floor, but was able to help himself back up as soon as the ship stabilised.

As the humans and otherwise got back to their feet, Holly chimed in.

"Red alert! Alert red! Fifteen battlecruisers on the port bow. They're attacking with..."

Suddenly, all the lights went off as a missile detonated near the ship, flooding it with electronic energy.

After five seconds, the emergency lighting came back on, but Holly was off. Also, Justin and Jelena had 'swapped bodies'.

"Wow", Justin said, looking down at the body he was now in, "I'm a sexy girl".

He reached down and fondled 'his' breasts, Jelena looking at him in a disgusted manner as he did so. He'd made her run around the ship in a bikini and now he was groping her.

She reached over and was about to drop her trousers to reveal Justin's manhood to the crew, when a strange being appeared beside them.


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