Extraction Plans

"Ok. So you're telling me that there is only one safe way into the City..." Seymour began, to a nodding Jamie, "is through the sewers, and the city hasn't been used properly in hundreds of years?"

"Yes, that's about it." Jamie replied.

There was a pause, and a heavy sigh. "Fine."

--- Days later----

"We've lost more of our crew, how do you think we're going to survive getting to the city, let alone getting Cassandra out.... I think we should take the advice Jamie gave us when we first got here, and that's to leave them here, and get off this god-forsaken rock." Seymour complained as they travelled.

"No." Jay said. "I'm not leaving anyone behind. No one on this crew would leave anyone else behind. We've lost some fine officers since the accident, and I am *not* leaving any because of negligence." he finished, not letting Seymour speak another word on the subject.

--- Days after that ---

["We are here."] said the lead Ssala guide, who was now wearing dinosaur leather armour, and carrying a spear/sword that looked like it might once have been a dinosaurs leg bone.

"He says we're here." Jamie translated. "This must be the entrance to the sewer system..." He added, a vine covered grill on the side of an out-house like building stood in front of them. A good few hundred metres away was the first of the watch-towers of the space-port city of the Haruk. The outhouse shielded them from view, meaning they could enact their entrance to the city by now.

There was more hissing sounds from the Ssala.

"He says that if we succeed here, your other crew will likely be found here too. Either that, or if they escaped themselves, they'll probably try to get back to the tribe." Jamie translated again. "Assuming they're smart enough."

"Remind me of the plan again?" Efof said, probably as it involved using him as a distraction.

"When we get inside, we have to stay hidden. You're blue, so marginally more likely to not get spotted and attacked straight away. So you go in first, run a bit and make some noise, so we can get out without being seen. Then you hold them at bay using this." Jamie explained, pointing out the empty gun that was in one of his four hands.

"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that." Efof said.

"You use that empty gun to keep them at bay long enough for you to get back into the sewers. They're too big to fit into the sewers, so if anything, they'll send some Ssala in after you. Just say [unintelligible noise] to them, and they'll leave you alone."

Jay cut in at that point.
"Then we check out the city, and make decisions from there. we'll contact you somehow to join us. Ok?"

<tag, anyone really... Was thinking that maybe Efof could accidentally kill one of the Haruk, and according to Haruk Law, gains posession of his targets property and slaves? Then we have a way into society, and Efof can feel like a King with the entire crews worth of slaves...>

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