Ewwwww That Smell

"When we get inside, we have to stay hidden. You're blue, so marginally more likely to not get spotted and attacked straight away. So you go in first, run a bit and make some noise, so we can get out without being seen. Then you hold them at bay using this." Jamie explained, pointing out the empty gun that was in one of his four hands.
"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that." Efof said.
"You use that empty gun to keep them at bay long enough for you to get back into the sewers. They're too big to fit into the sewers, so if anything, they'll send some Ssala in after you. Just say [unintelligible noise] to them, and they'll leave you alone."
Jay cut in at that point.
"Then we check out the city, and make decisions from there. we'll contact you somehow to join us. Ok?"
<tag, anyone really... Was thinking that maybe Efof could accidentally kill one of the Haruk, and according to Haruk Law, gains posession of his targets property and slaves? Then we have a way into society, and Efof can feel like a King with the entire crews worth of slaves...>

The Ssala looked at Jaxx and smiled as he pointed to the vine covered grill. Then Jaxx nodded and shrugged his shoulders as he approached the vine covered grill with the Ssala. After the Ssala cut most of the vines with his funky looking weapon, he nodded at Jaxx. Jaxx answered, “Ok bro. I’ll do my best.” Then Jaxx got a firm grip on the bars and began to wiggle and pull them with all his might, but the bars were stuck. “For crying out loud Mr. Jaxx I thought you were a super soldier. This should be a piece of cake for you. Get back to work son and make it happen.”, said Seymour with authority in his voice.

Jaxx sighed and then repositioned and changed his grip on the bars in hopes for a better result. Evelina smiled at Jaxx and said, “Its ok Jaxx I know you can do it.” Jaxx closed his eyes and smiled at Evelina’s support as he focused on the bars. Jaxx became more and more intense as he strained to pull the bars off. His muscles were huge and swollen as the veins bulged all over his body. As Jaxx strained a few large veins on his forehead were getting bigger by the minute. Suddenly the image of Davie dying in front of him overwhelmed his empty mind. Jaxx began to shake as a surge of rage ran through his body and Jaxx pulled the bars with such force the he flipped backwards and landed on his back.

Seymour spoke up and said, “Well its about time Mr. Jaxx. I can’t believe…….” Little did Jaxx or anyone behind him know that a large number of slimy vines were dangling on the inside of the bars. Seymour was interrupted in mid-sentence as Jaxx fell backwards which allowed the slimy wet vines to fling off the bars and onto a very shocked Seymour who was sitting behind Jaxx a few feet away. Jaxx released the bars and slowly turned around to see a very upset Seymour covered in some slimy plant life. Seymour was now irate as he looked at Jaxx with a cross face and said, “Mr. Jaxx do you have any…….” Seymour was again cut off in mid-sentence as he realized the vines were home to swarm of white alien roaches. “Arrrrrrrgggh get them off! Get them off!”

Seymour panicked and began swatting the bugs off as he fell out of his wheelchair. Phi put some distance between her and the bugs, while Jay, Jamie and Dr. Jade helped Seymour with his bug problem. Jaxx smirked a little as he turned to see some of the other crew holding in their giggles. Evelina helped Jaxx up as she said, “I knew you could do it. You just needed some faith.” Jaxx nodded, “Thanks Eve babe.” Jaxx didn’t want to bring up the dark thought that crossed his mind earlier, especially since it scarred him.

Phil looked inside the sewer and jerked his head out as he said to Jaxx, "What a wonderful smell you've discovered." Jay shook his head at Phil as he smiled and lit a torch before entered the sewer with the Ssala. The crew slowly followed Jay into the sewer.

After Seymour was restored to his wheelchair he gave Jaxx a cross glare as he said, “Well will continue this conversation and another time Mr. Jaxx.” Jaxx shrugged and smiled at Seymour he followed the crew into the sewer with Evelina. Jaxx asked Evelina, “Yo Eve babe, do you still totally have your gear ready?” Evelina smiled and answered, “Well just the fire extinguishers and pipes. Anything else we will have to find when we get there.” Jaxx had a deep thought for a moment and then looked back at Evelina as he said, “Eve babe there is something I wanted to tell you.” What is it?”, asked Evelina. Jaxx answered, “Well before Davie died he hit the blue dude in the knees and well he stopped in his tracks and had a painful look in his face. Now I could be wrong but it kinda looked like the same face a guy makes when he is hit in the daddy bags really hard.” Evelina looked shocked at Jaxx as she said, “So you think they keep their manhood in their knees?” Jaxx nodded and answered, “Yeah and Jay and Davie thought it was funny till the blue dude woke up and killed Davie. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it earlier but it is part of a painful memory.”

Evelina smiled at Jaxx and said, “Thanks Jaxx. I know that wasn’t easy to talk about. But I bet we can make that work for us if we have to fight them.” Jaxx felt better when Evelina cheered him up. Jaxx and Evelina were so involved in their conversation that they failed to notice some of the crewmembers overheard them.

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