Into the Lion's Den

It's amazing how quickly you can begin to learn something. When you apply your mind to it. I've never been stupid exactly, but when your brain is filled with medicine, crystals, herbs and Latin, it becomes difficult to learn newer things. Maybe I'm getting old? It was interesting to see the older women and children left behind, only a basic few to protect the tribe. The Shaman came with us, leaving her young apprentice to tend the wounds of those left behind. We trekked for miles before we reached the 'big river'. The name translates to 'big/fast flowing water' or something similar Jamie told us.

*** Days Later ***

Jamie had been doing a good job of teaching us the basics, being surrounded by it day in day out for so long it's bound to rub off on those who are willing to listen. We were on barges floating down the river, several in a line. Strength in numbers. Strength in case the Haruk notice and attack. Healing is a wonderful art. It is the same in any language. I spent a long time 'talking' to Ssira. Well, talking would be too strong a words maybe, we shared knowledge. I learned from her through gestures and rudimentary Ssalan about the various herbs and healing plants around. That the rocks that when powdered up and put into a stew could cure poisons and the stinging tubers that caused agony when they stung, but were a pain reliever after the initial mark, numbing the wound site. I made sure to gather some useful supplies for my pack. You never know right?

Everything around was used and nothing went to waste. Food, clothing, tools, medicine. It was amazing to see how such a primitive race in appearance was much more sophisticated than you would first realize.

Seymour was complaining, Jay looking stern faced over the gently lapping waves.
"Why are you helping us? Why would you want to leave this place?" I asked Jamie, I didn't expect an answer really. He didn't know me; I wasn't expecting him to open up.
"It's complicated." He said, busying himself with some woodwork. Ah, code for 'I don't want to discuss this right now'.
"Well, you know where I am if you ever want to talk". Speaking of talking, I owe some counselling to Jackie once we get back on the Dwarf. I wonder if he will actually turn up?

*** Days Later ***

Most of the Ssala have departed for the main camp now. Some of them stayed behind with us, to sneak in and learn from the spies placed in certain households. Brave Ssala who were captured but serve the resistance in secret. I can't even contemplate the daily fear they must live in. Sometimes Jamie translates too much; we didn't need to know that traitors can be skinned alive, or worse. A cold shudder ran down my back. What state can Cass be in really? Are we going in for a body? Or bits of a body? Another cold shudder, gore didn't bother me, but it always hits home when it could be someone you know.

Evelina smiled at Jaxx and said, “Thanks Jaxx. I know that wasn’t easy to talk about. But I bet we can make that work for us if we have to fight them.” Jaxx felt better when Evelina cheered him up. Jaxx and Evelina were so involved in their conversation that they failed to notice some of the crewmembers overheard them.

Time to sneak into the lion’s den. Great. I wonder how many more of us have to die for this? Before we can leave this planet? Well, at least they have one apparent weakness. Good to know, just don't think about the anatomical connotations, not now. I hope Alex and Plisken are ok. Alex looked like the sort of man who... just needed someone to hug him and say it'll all be ok. His eyes were haunted and depressed. Poor guy must be in hell without any substances right now.

The air was hot, damp and stale. Seymour was moaning. Maybe if I crushed up some of the tubers it would numb his mouth enough to shut him up? We walked for hours before it happened. Efof and a few others had managed to get ahead of the group and an angry shouty exchange could be heard. Everyone picked up the pace to catch up with the lead group.

A gunshot rang out in the darkness. Followed by an eerie silence, broken only by the dripping of water.


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