Explosion or Frozen

“Oh but you will...” Queeg loomed large on the monitor “You’ve ten minutes before those collars securing you in place are painfully and fatally electrified – You’d better start deciding who deserves to live pretty damn quick”
A creaking boom reverberated throughout the station as the monitor flickered off...

Jamie slowly roused from unconciousness in the engineering space onboard the station. The rough hum of the engine room filtered through to his brain, and told him that there was something wrong.

"Ahhh, the stranger. The one no one really knows, and the one that doesn't know anyone else." Phil/Queeg said.

"I should warn you that this call is being monitored for quality and training purposes. A video of this conversation is being broadcast to the entire station - all of your new acquaintances can see it, because it directly affects them as well as you. It's only fair."

Jamie wasn't bound, wasn't stuck or tied up or anything. He was just sat on an engine block, leaning against a wall.

"You know, I'm more than happy to spend time with you and get to know you..." Jamie said, not sure what was going on. "I'm not a bad guy, you know."

"Who says?" Queeg asked. "I have it on good authority that you fled your ship, and condemned everyone to a death they didn't deserve, and that YOU could have fixed. You remember the SS Hercules, don't you?"

"Of course I do! I couldn't have done anything! I was too far away from the engine room to help, by the time I'd got there, the ship would have blown!"

"You justify that many deaths this easily? Anyway. I'm not Phil. I'm Queeg! You have been sealed in this engine room to test if you are worthy of your life. To test if you are worthy of your place among the crew of the Blue Dwarf, I seek to test your resolve." Queeg said in Phil's voice.

"So Why are you broadcasting this to everyone?" Jamie asked.

"Because if you don't repair these engines... The station will explode! We get to find out if you are as Slick as the rest of the skidmarks say you are. You do however, have an alternative... There is a Cryo-Stasis escape pod in the corner. Activate it, and it will launch you to some random part of the universe - you can forget about those you abandoned like you did on Fernandos."

"Mind you, I'm not entirely heartless. Any of the others who complete their tests will have the option of leaving, or coming to your aid. The station will explode ten minutes after their tests have finished. This gives the survivors - those who have proved their worth - time to escape the blast radius of this station." Queeg added, before the monitors in everyone elses test rooms turned off.

"Now. Prove yourself. Prove you are worthy to be aboard, and prove you are not the coward that records show you are. I should also point out that if you try to leave the engine room to help the others, I will detonate the station." Queeg added as an afterthought, before removing himself from the situation.

Jamie reached down to the toolkit that he had been given, and turned to face the computers that were attached to the engines.

"So.. What's actually wrong with you?" he asked the engines, checking the output data on the screen in front of him.

<tag. everyone who I know is on the station has been added, as you'll see part of this on the monitors in your own tests.>

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