I’ve got Big Balls?

n the morning Jaxx was awakened by a gentle hand running through his blue hair. As his eyes slowly opened he saw Evelina sitting next to him running her hand through his hair. Evelina said, “Morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?” Jaxx nodded as he yawned. Evelina said, “Good. Someone named Whisker’s left us an invitation to a party tonight. Can we go?”
<snip> The small rodent figure had placed the card, knocked and run away before anyone had got to the door of their quarters. Everyone had received one and it read in elegant gold script, decorated with images of masks and people dancing:
Wonderful humans. You are invited to join in with the annual Whiskermas Ball. Taking place on what you call the Promenade. Please formal wear masquerade only.
The invite was dated for that evening.

Jaxx stretched as he nodded and said, “Sure why not.” Evelina said, “Great then after breakfast lets get you a tux so you can have it altered today.” Jaxx nodded.

After breakfast at the Refectory, Jaxx and Evelina made their way back to the quarters where they found the Hawaiian shirts a while back. Evelina waited as Jaxx went through the closet and pulled out a tux. Jaxx said, “See Eve babe I totally told you I saw one of these suits.” Evelina looked at the suit and felt it for a bit as she began to smile. Evelina said, “Jaxx do you have any idea what your holding?” Jaxx shrugged as he replied, “Uhhhh……..a black suit?” Evelina smiled as she said, “Well yes, but it is an Armani tux. This person had some very interesting taste. What’s even more odd is that he was close to your size as well.” Jaxx smiled as he replied, “Totally Eve babe he was big for a human.” Evelina said, “Well lets go to the promenade and have it altered for you and then we can shop for my dress and grab some lunch.

After Jaxx and Evelina made there way to the promenade they found the tailor shop that did alterations from the day before. Simon the mouse saw Jaxx and Evelina enter with a tux in his arm and said, “Ahh I see you have a need for some alterations? I assume this is for Whiskerman’s Ball?” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Sure thing dude, but I’m kinda new to this Ball stuff.” Simon looked at Evelina and said, “Is this your first Ball as well?” Evelina smiled as she replied, “Oh not even. They were required when I was a Model.” Simon smiled and said, “Ahhh yes you do have well defined features.” Evelina smiled as she said, “Thank you.” Simon looked at Jaxx in his Speedo and Hawaiian shirt holing a suit as he said, “Well then lets see what you have there. Follow me to my work stage.” Jaxx and Evelina followed Simon to the small stage in front of the three mirrors. Simon then said, “Ok remove your shirt and stand on the stage while I take some measurements.” Jaxx handed his shirt and tux to Evelina and stepped on stage while Simon took his measurements.

Then Simon said, “Now put on the tux so I can see what I need to adjust.” After Jaxx struggled to get the tux on, even with Evelina’s help; he stepped on the stage. Simon took some more measurements and said, “Hmmmm….. I see your suit was made for a human. I assume you want me to alter it for your fins?” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “That would be sweet Simon Dude.” Simon then said, “Very well then.” Then Simon used his white chalk to draw the lines where the fins were located. After he was done he said, “This should only take me two hours to make these alterations. Will you be shopping in the meantime?” Evelina replied, “Yes we will be looking for my dress in the meantime.” Simon then wrote a claim ticket and handed it to Evelina since Jaxx didn’t have an pockets. After Jaxx put on his shirt the two GELFs went to find a dress for Evelina.

Jaxx sat in the waiting chair as Evelina looked through the dresses. Being a Model made it easier for Evelina to find what she was looking for. After picking several dresses she went into the dressing room and changed into the first dress. As she looked in the mirror she knew the dress looked good on her, but she wanted to pick one that Jaxx would like so she walked out of the dressing room and posed as Jaxx stared at her in awe. Then Evelina pretended to walk an imaginary catwalk and strut her skills as Jaxx watched in silence. Evelina smiled as she could now gauge how well her dress looked by Jaxx’s expression. Each dress she modeled seemed to make Jaxx’s jaw drop a little lower. Eventually Evelina picked out a black silk formfitting dress with a small vee cut ruffle on the cleavage area and a high slit down the right side of her leg. As Evelina began to walk toward Jaxx he fainted as all the blood left his head. Evelina smiled as she said, “Perfect. Thanks for you help Jaxx.” Evelina gave Jaxx a small peck on the forehead before she changed. While Jaxx was recovering Evelina found a pair of shoes, some masks, jewelry and make up. After she was done she purchased her dress and accessories. Then she gently woke Jaxx up. Jaxx was a bit confused as to what happened so he blindly followed Evelina to the tailors shop to pick up his tux.

After entering the tailors shop, Simon smiled as he was working on a different suit for a mouse. Simon picked up Jaxx’s tux and brought it to the counter in a garment bag. As Simon was ringing up the bill he asked, “So did we find a dress?” Evlina smiled as she said, “Oh yes.” Evelina showed the dress in the clear garment bag to Simon. Simon lowered his glasses as he looked at the dress and then at Evelina and said, “Oh my did he faint?” Evelina looked at Jaxx and smiled as she said, “Long enough for me to find shoes and accessories.” Simon chuckled as he said, “If we had more human clientele you would defiantly have a lot of modeling requests.” Evelina said, “Thank you Simon.” After paying the bill Evelina took Jaxx to find some lunch.

"Now that looks good!" Jade said, turning and looking in the mirrors. Contorting into the pose that women use to look and ask the mental question 'does my bum look big in this'.
"Is yous readys?" Came a small voice from outside the changing room. Jade looked over to Phi who was grinning.
"Yes. I think these two are perfect." Jade replied to the furry merchant. "I think we'll take them."
"Do you do laundry facilities? I'd like to wash this before I wear it?" Phi asked as they bought the dresses.
"I's no. But I's have cousin who does." The rodent finished serving Jade and then walked with Phi down the promenade, presumably to the laundrette. Jade moved off in the other direction, off to meet Kat for lunch.


Evelina and Jaxx saw Phi walking to a dry cleaner while Dr. Black and Katrina were having lunch together. Jaxx asked, “Should we join them Eve babe?” Evelina looked and said, “Not this time I want to keep you to myself today.” Jaxx muttered, “Ummm ok.” as they found a nice sandwich shop to eat lunch at.

Later on at the Ball
Jaxx was dressed like a dashing villain from a ‘James Bond” movie in his custom black suit and Lone Ranger mask as Evelina was wearing a breath taking black outfit fit for a Bond Girl with a black satin cat mask. As they entered the Doorway they were scanned and offered food and drinks. Jaxx and Evelina took a class of wine and mingled with the rodents till they saw the crew-members in the back of the Ballroom. Evelina and Jaxx were getting to know the rodents who were fascinated by Evelina’s outfit. Jaxx smiled quietly as he watched Evelina enjoy herself. Shortly after Whiskerman jumped on stage to make an announcement.

"Welcome to the annual Whiskermas ball!" There was a huge cheer and the crowds went wild. "As is our tradition, we start with the subconscious karaoke. Whiskermas is a time to share what you feel. So what better way than with music!" The crowds cheered again. "Those who fail to sing will be put in...." He paused for dramatic effect as something was lowered from the ceiling. "The Dark Ball." The crowds oohed, the dwarfers looked bemused.

"Ok, our first singer is one of the humans! Come up here Jade!"
"Ah..." she said, as two burly gerbils escorted her to the stage. Singing in a corridor alone was one thing, this was totally different.
"So. Are you going to sing of your love for..."
"Shut up!" She said instinctively, before becoming aware of all the eyes on her.


Jaxx and Evelina watched as Jade nervously sing her song and ran off. Evelina leaned toward Jaxx and said, “I didn’t know the Doc had such a pretty voice.” Jaxx shrugged as he replied, “Me neither Eve babe.” Then Artemis jumped up on stage and sang his heart out.

Artemis whipped off his jacket, the missus caught it. A few whoops came from the audiance.
"Today I found a message floating, In the sea from you to me. It said that when you could see it, You cried with fear, the Point was near
Was it you that said, "How long, how long
To the Point of Know Return?""
Artemis continued the chorus until the music cut out. The lights came back on and the crowd roared. "Give me a few minutes to cool off and I'll sign the best hits of The Ramones" the crowd continued to roar as he walked off stage, collected his jacket, and returned to the Dwarfers, who exchanged mixed comments on his performance. Artemis could tell this was shaping up to be a fun night....

Jaxx said, “Wow Eve babe this night is totally full of surprises.” Evelina replied, “No kidding. I wonder who is next?” Jaxx asked, “So are you like gonna sing or chill in the spooky dark ball?” Evelina smiled at Jaxx and replied, “It depends on who is in there with me.” Jaxx nervously muttered, “Umm…Uhhhh……ok.” Evelina chuckled as she made Jaxx very nervous. Just then Whiskerman jumped back on stage and said, “Well we have something unusual for tonight. Tonight we have two people with the same song on their mind. Ladies and Gents give it up for Jaxx and Evelina Stone. The crowd cheered for the couple as they were ushered up the stage by several rodents. Jaxx and Evelina look a bit nervous since they don’t know what song to sing. Evelina asks Whiskerman, “What is the song?” Whiskerman winked and replied, “The same one you heard last night.” Jaxx looked confused as Evelina thought back to what they did last night. Suddenly the music came on and they remembered their song from the night before. The song was "Yummy Yummy" by Ohio Express.

Evelina and Jaxx begin singing like a couple at a Karaoke bar

Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy and I feel like a-lovin' you
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And it's just a-what I'm gonna do

Suddenly a horrible flash back came to Seymour, Phi, Alex and the other Blue Dwarfers who witnessed the horror during this song in the past. It was the first appearance Jaxx made to the crew since he was released from stasis. Images of Jaxx jumping around the room without gravity and killing Pleasure Pig GELFs all around as he ate them and laughed maniacally.

Ooh love to hold ya, ooh love to kiss ya
Ooh love I love it so, oh love you're sweeter
Sweeter than sugar
Ooh love, I won't let you go
Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy and as silly as it may seem
The lovin' that you're giving is what keeps me livin'
And your love is like peaches and cream

Jaxx and Evelina did a slight bounce as they sang together.

Kind-a like sugar, kind-a like spices
Kind-a like, like what you do
Kind-a sounds funny but your love honey
And honey, I love you

Jaxx and Evelina did a slight wiggle as they sang together.

Ba, da, ba, da, da , da, da
Ba, da, da, da, da, da

As the two GELFs dance to the song the patrons are watching in amazement.

Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy that your love can satisfy
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And sweet thing, that ain't no lie

Jaxx and Evelina did a slight sway as they sang together.

I love to hold ya, I love to kiss ya
Ooh love, I love it so
Ooh love, you're sweeter, sweeter than sugar
Ooh love, I wont let you go

Dwarfer’s Flashback: Jaxx’s face and chest were all covered in blood as he laughed maniacally and shot many of the rebelling Pleasure Pig GELFs with his hand cannon. It made the crewmembers feel sick and uncomfortable as they heard the song. Seymour asked Phi, “How on earth did he even find that song again?” Phi cringed as she replied, “I think I’m going to be sick.” Seymour put his hand over his mouth as he muttered, “Me too.”

Jaxx and Evelina did a slight wiggle as they sang together.

Ba, da, ba, da, da , da, da
Ba, da, da, da, da, da

Sweet thing, yummy yummy
Sweet thing
Sweet thing, yummy yummy
Sweet thing

Jaxx ends the song as he slightly dips Evelina. The crowd of rodents cheers loudly while some of the Blue Dwarfers drop their drinks in shock from the flashback.

Jaxx and Evelina didn’t notice the reaction of their fellow crew-members as they mingled with the cheering crowd.

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