Piece of Mind

Later the stealth team were assembled in the bar, decided so that Boyd had a lot of other distractions and chances to catch the safe code from someone's mind. There were enough people around that it wouldn't be a problem to discuss any secret plans. Besides, as Jade had pointed out, they could just bluff it as a script discussion for the upcoming 'Firefly' spinoff if needed.
"So, we need a plan."

Cass looked at her computer pad as she read several digital blueprints of the building as the rest of the stealth crew relaxed at the bar. Everyone but Skutter Jaxx and Kenneth (still in a blue orb form) were enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage at the bar. Kat who was still in a mood looked at Skutter Jaxx and asked, “Say Jaxx…um…..doesn’t it bother you that Jay asked to separate you and Evelina?” Skutter Jaxx turned his claw head and cocked it to the side as he responded in a monotone voice, “Like what are you talking about Mrs. C?” Katrina nervously asked, “I mean doesn’t it make you nervous she is with Jay instead of you?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…………naw Mrs. C, I mean I miss her being around and all, but stuff happens. Jay dude is right about Eve babe spreading her wings and stuff.” Katrina looked at Skutter Jaxx like he was high as she replied, “So your not jealous one bit Jay might charm her away from you?” Skutter Jaxx gave a small monotone chuckle. Katrina got upset and asked, “What is so funny Jaxx? Why aren’t you worried?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Chill Mrs. C, I like don’t know what’s up with you and Jay dude, but I know four most righteous reasons Jay dude won’t mac on Eve babe.”

Katrina waited for Jaxx to continue but after he didn’t she asked, “And they are?” Skutter Jaxx looked at Katrina as he replied, “Well for starters Eve babe hasn’t shown any interest in Jay dude. Then Jay dude still has you and Miss. Jones already to deal with.” Katrina nodded as she took in Jaxx’s words before she realized Jaxx only mentioned three reasons. Katrina looked at Jaxx and asked, “And the forth is what?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “The old me.” Katrina was confused as she asked, “The old you?” Skutter Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Eve babe makes me smile Mrs. C. She totally makes me want to be a most righteous sharkman and inspires me to do stuff I normally I can’t do. However, if Jay dude or someone else was totally foolish enough to hurt or endanger my sweet Eve babe I might revert back to my old MAKO ways and put meat back on my menu if you catch my drift.” Katrina looked at Skutter Jaxx as she flashed back to Jaxx eating the Belhaphasarian sex pigs without mercy and made a yuk face. Katrina looked at Jaxx and realized how much he has changed from the first time she met him.

Katrina remembered the monster Jaxx once was and how much he changed since his mind was wiped. Granted Jaxx is an imbecile and can be very annoying but he seemed much easier to get along with now. Not to mention Jaxx found religion and a female to bond with so he is obviously growing as a sharkman. Jaxx even though stuck in a Skutter body is far safer than the old Jaxx and no one wants him to revert to that killing machine he once was. As Katrina realized the idiot had a valid point and if Jaxx could see it surely so could Jay. Katrina gave Jaxx’s simple logic some serious food for thought.

Cassandra interrupted as she dug into her bag and pulled out a small mini camera and looked at Jaxx as she said, “Hold still Jaxx while I put this on you.” Skutter Jaxx held still as Cass attached the camera and asked, “What’s that for?” Cass replied, “Now I can see what you see to make this easier on me.” Then Cass had everyone get closer as she said, “Ok here is the plan.”


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