Next Stop: Monsters and Miners

Maybe it was because she didn’t have the wherewithal to fully appreciate the consequences of her actions, or maybe she just acted on instinct, but whichever it was, Cass didn’t even hesitate. She raised her mining laser and scythed it through the mechanoid’s surrounding Jay and Mini-Phil, neatly cutting six torso’s in half and severing a dozen arms as she carved the beam across them
Following her lead, Katrina and the other prisoners wheeled and open fire on the other guards in the vicinity, quickly neutralizing what threat they posed within moments
“We need to move!” Jay was up and on his feet almost before the severed pieces of mechanoid had hit the floor around him “We’ll get another shuttle and... What the fuck are those!?”
He pointed up at the hundreds of pallid, jellyfish-like predators, soaring up out of the ruined mine shafts around them

After being debriefed Victoria sent the canaries to gym for exercise and personal time till lunch time since they accomplished their mission with no losses. As Victoria reported her mission details to her Warden, The canaries were enjoying their time out of their cell. Jaxx and Evelina sat in the corner as she smothered him with as much affection as she could before they would have to go back to their cells. Evelina whispered to Jaxx, "Hey Jaxx how come Victoria doesn't recognize you?" Jaxx replied in his Vader voice, "Dunno Eve babe. Like maybe that Lindsey dude messed with her head like he did Miss Jones." Evelina agreed and went back to snuggling up to Jaxx. Jaxx enjoyed the company of Evelina but after seeing his chronometer he realized he needed to get help if he was going to free Evelina before his five years were up.

Suddenly Victoria came busting into the gym and announced there was an emergency. After quickly assembling the canaries into the briefing, she briefed them on the emergency situation at the mining facility. However, only a small amount of video footage was saved by the security camera as it showed some kind of jellyfish monster attacking the miners. Victoria explained while the miners were working they were attacked by an alien life form. The information was limited since all the security cameras and guards seemed to be attacked in the process. It is unclear as to the safety of the miners or the guards, however the use of force is needed to retake the mine back so the canaries will be deployed in full battle gear to retake the mine.

After the briefing the canaries they got in line out the door as Victoria Williams led them to the hanger and handed out the battle suits and gear they would be using. Victoria pointed out the ammo for the guns would be issued out before they landed to ensure no one got any ideas about escaping. After everyone got dressed they boarded the shuttle. As Jaxx and Evelina boarded the shuttle Victoria gave Jaxx a smirk as she handed him a nice ten-foot long titanium chain as she said, “Don’t make me regret this Jaxx.” Jaxx gave Victoria a small nod as he and Evelina sat next to each other on the shuttle. Evelina quickly snuggled up to Jaxx on the bench, as she was excited to spend more time with Jaxx. The shuttle slowly rose up and left the prison facility toward the mining facility. After a smooth ride to the mining base Victoria issued out the ammo to all the canaries except Jaxx. The canaries were packing a combination of machine gun and flamethrower rifle or machine gun and freeze gun. Evelina ended up with the freeze gun combo. After Victoria explained the way to used the weapons the shuttle landed and she demanded the canaries do as she said or there would be hell to pay. Just before the shuttle landed Victoria pulled out a small remote and pointed it at Jaxx. After she activated the remote Jaxx felt his scanners come on line and quickly looked at Victoria to thank her only to see her shake her head no. Jaxx realized Victoria wanted him to shut up Jaxx continued to let Evelina coddle him till they landed.


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