When have I ever had a bad idea?

Oxygen troubles over, for now, the group had turned their attention once again to rescue.
The earlier plan to reroute power from the gravity plating had gotten them enough thrust to move around half of the distance they’d hoped and they were now floating helplessly somewhere between the path of the hauler and Bruno’s ship.
Jay was getting restless.
“We can’t just sit here and wait to die” he protested.
“I don’t think that’s anyones first choice” Cass replied “But we’re rapidly running out of options. Unless Bruno responds, or the Hauler comes back we’re pretty screwed”
“Theres always a way out” Jay replied “I don’t believe in no-win scenarios” He gazed out of Starbugs fore windscreen as he said this, as the approaching speck that was Bruno’s ship on it’s next run.
“If Bruno won’t come to us…” he muttered “We’ll need to go to him…”
“We’re out of fuel Jay.”
“I know”
“Then what are you proposing?”
Cass didn’t get an answer. Jay brushed past her and headed to the airlock, and began keying in the command to open the hatch.
“Jay what are you…”
“Tara. Lend me a pistol would you?” Jay said.
“Jay…..” Cass said in a low voice
He just grinned back at her through his suits visor and stepped into the airlock.
“Jay!” she yelled as the inner door slid shut between them “Get back here!” She yelled into the small porthole in the door You’ve no way to propel yourself….oh…smeg…he’s not…”
“What?” Jamie asked “What’s he doing?”
“Just…I can’t even say it…see for yourselves…”
The group clamoured around the small window in the airlock door and could see Jay, floating in space holding Taras pistol in one hand and his own in the other. He fired both guns at arms length and was pushed away from the starbug and up, toward the path of Brunos shuttle.
“Yep.” Said Tara cooly. “Seems about right…”
Jay turned himself away from the bug and drifted toward Brunos ship. He fired off a bullet to his left to correct his course a little. Another downward, pushing him up.
A few more bullets fired and he was almost in Brunos path. The strangers shuttle drew nearer, Jay timed it perfectly and fired once more.
In the silence of space, there was no click, but Jay almost heard it anyway. Both guns were empty.
“I didn’t think this through…” he muttered.
Bruno was nearing. The Starbug was too far away to make it back to. He had to make it to Bruno now or he’d lose his chance.
One thing for it.
Jay disconnected his oxygen tank, yanked off the valve and a jet of air surged out, pushing him upwards into Brunos path.
The alert sounded, he was nearly out of air. If he could just….
Bruno was startled when his cockpit glass was suddenly obscured by a grinning maniac. Flat across the viewport.
Jay lifted himself off the glass slightly and waved at Bruno.
Bruno waved back.

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