Elevator music

Gorvely looked at him angrilly, about to say something when Phil pushed him backwards, sending him toppling over MP. "Leg it!" he said and they all started jamming themselves into the cargo elevator, trampling and kicking the hapless android on the way.

<end snip>

The elevator moved, feeling like it was going downwards. Although this was a cargo elvevator, it was rather crammed full of people and for some reason there was music playing, it sounded like whistling.

The car was going rather fast, when Phil, was was daydreaming about something involving lime jelly, felt a tap on his arm.

"Excuse me, Phil? Your midget appears to be going purple" South pointed out, pointing at MP who was indeed turning a bit purple. Almost like he was straining against something. little veins were showing up on his face and his eyes were tightly screwed shut.

"Hold on buddy, you can do it! Not far to go now"

"Could you explain whats going on with him?" south contined. The old crew tried to move as far away from Phil and MP after seeing the expression on the midget's face, which wasn't very far. The ladies looked espically disgusted.

"Well it's an almost pavlovian response with him. The time fridge is powered by methane from his botty-burps, so when he's in an inclosed space he..well, lets one rip..and belive me they are rather ripe."

"Ok...But why is is going purple and now appears to be shaking?"

"Well, it;s like this. I'm not sure of when it happened, but am very grateful it did, but I think it was either Cass or Eveline here, possibly both who threatned to do something to him involving his stash of goat-smut and his bottom. Now he actually likes the ladies, but his mind is 99% controlled by his libido. So now when he's in a small room with them, he holds it in. This isnt very comfy for him and ..well...look..."

MP was visibly shaking and now sweating, rocking slighlty back and forth from the effort of prevent an air-nuke from going off and possibly killing everyone in the elevator in a methane fuled explosion.

There was a shudder and the elevator had reached it's destination

"EVERYONE OUT AND RUN FOR COVER...HE'S GONNA BLOW!" cried Phil, surprising everyone with his suddenly atheltic ability by getting out first and the fact that the door wasnt even open.

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