Run To Ground

The Ninth Sister was quick to consider her options as she entered the Void Swift. The foolish Jedi would be looking for her in the market, thinking they were the true target... but Liden had been clear that Ghost and Ripper were the only ones they needed. And Ripper was easy to find, the stench of the Dark Side was pungent on him... the horrors he'd committed rippled off of him like a roiling black smoke.

The Ninth Sister ignited her lightsaber as she found him. "You... test subject... come quietly or suffer all your way back to your master..."


Mira sensed the unease in Ghost and offered her hand to the young girl. "Come on, sweetie... Let's get out of here..."


Mar looked to Carla and shook his head in annoyance before answering Thrass. "A... bird... nevermind... Look, there's a dark jedi here who is looking for us. We need to hide... and we have to hide deep..."

He then looked to Serenity. "Don't be afraid, Serenity... I'll keep you safe... I promise..."

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