Lunch Chit Chat

"Oh, hi," she said, voice bright as her eyes behind the glasses. Blossom added an entirely unnecessary from the wrist only wave, hand held up just above the table top. "Oh," she said again, seeing his black eye. Well it wasn't black, not yet, but it would go from that old tired blood to dark purple really soon. "That's, ouch. That's the second black eye I've seen in two days." First the nice girl at McDonald's, she had that really pretty hair like a movie star and gauges in her ears. Blossom hadn't even gotten hers pierced yet! And now Thomas? Yes, Thomas, she affirmed after briefly replaying the conversation.

She hoped they weren't contagious.

"Sure, sit down," she scooted over a little bit on the bench in case he wanted to sit by her. "I'm Blossom, like a flower?" The way she said it suggested it was a common thing for her to say after giving her name. "This is Emma and Tacey, like Stacey without an S, and that's Rob." Like all gymnasts, like Thomas, they were all on the short side. Rob looked a little stocky but that was because of the strength male gymnasts possessed, people never really got just how strong they could be even if they were short.

"I'm not nationally ranked," she confessed. "There just wasn't - " sure, tell him you're poor at this school full of rich kids. And why was she suddenly ashamed of that? "Time," she finished awkwardly. "What happened?"

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