Zander had gone to his next class with a sigh of relief; there was no way Doug would be in Calculus and it was a class Zander loved. In Calculus, nerds ruled. They found the class easier than most people did and actually enjoyed it. When it came to needing tutors for some subjects there was a reason why they were called.

Class ended and Zander and a few of his friends from Calculus made it to the cafeteria, instantly spotting the table they would sit at. The opposite side from the jocks, the rich kids, and the cheerleaders was the nerd table. That was their haven.

Zander got his food; tacos...well it wasn't such a bad choice. He sat down at the nerd table and got instantly into the conversation about the new computer coming out and the specs as compared to another computer and so on. He noticed, briefly, something going on at one of the middle tables but didn't pay much attention to it. He had also noticed Doug sitting at the Rich Kids' table. Doug, seemed, to be ignoring him which was a good thing.


Dawn was about ready to bust. She had managed to not text her twin to tell him she was here but it was really hard to do so. The girl with the auburn hair made her way to the cafeteria and took a breath, hopefully, she hadn't made it here before Zander. Hopefully, he wouldn't notice her when she first walked in.

Her eyes scanned the room and landed first on Doug. Who seemed to busy in whatever he was doing to look up.

She then saw who she was looking for, he was facing the other direction, not the door, and hadn't seen her. Perfect. She made a beeline for her twin. Put her hands over his eyes and said. "Guess who"

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