Lunchroom Tacos Mmm..

The audition was almost over when Mrs. Mason the art teacher stands and faces the students now for the Art students. With your art skills drawing, painting, and others chose someone that performed and draw it, pant it, and make it. this is your rough draft is due tomorrow. I think you for coming to the tryout’s art students, well all the students for coming and being so good I thank you.” She turns it over to Ms. Kopper. She made her closing stamens and dismissed the room.


Then Heath said. "Well, that was expertly done." Sam and Rose and everyone else, laughed a little and went back to what they were all talking about before they had been interrupted.

JD walked into the lunchroom looking at the tables to see where people were siting. He got into the line and got tacos and Spanish rice beans and corn. As he got to the end of the line, he saw most of the people he had met were at a table where was a few seats left. No one seem to even notice him. it seemed the clicks had started to from and he had to find one that he could work with. Seeing Jack, Ashely, Blossom, Rose, Sam, Kyle and Heath he had not met yet just seen him a round. At a table was his best chose he thought. JD walked up as they were laughing not sure what was so funny. He guessed he missed the joke when he saw the girl storm off.

He waited for just a sec for the laughing to settle down. “Hey guys can I sit with you guys?” he asked they all just looked at JD with the expression sit already. He heard one of them say “sit.” He felt a little awkward as he sat between Blossom and Sam. Trying not to bump into them as he sat. “How’s the food? I hope its better than normal school food” says JD. Trying to get some conversation going with them.

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