Reunion (part 2)

Dawn was about ready to bust. She had managed to not text her twin to tell him she was here but it was really hard to do so. The girl with the auburn hair made her way to the cafeteria and took a breath, hopefully, she hadn't made it here before Zander. Hopefully, he wouldn't notice her when she first walked in.

Her eyes scanned the room and landed first on Doug. Who seemed to busy in whatever he was doing to look up.

She then saw who she was looking for, he was facing the other direction, not the door, and hadn't seen her. Perfect. She made a beeline for her twin. Put her hands over his eyes and said. "Guess who"

Zander had been thinking about his twin all day. He had a feeling he should call her but the time difference between here and England made getting time to do so difficult. He would text her after classes were done for the day and set up a time.

Those plans changed instantly when the hands went around his eyes and he heard that voice. "Dawn." It wasn't a question he knew it was her.

She removed the hands from his eyes and he jumped up to hug her. The two hugged. "What are you doing here? " Zander asked his sister.

"There were budget cuts to the school in London. They got rid of their exchange program. And I asked our parents if I could come here. Of course, they said yes."

Zander then realized the other people at the table were looking at them. Not that he could blame them a nerd table and obviously someone who's not a nerd suddenly appears and is friends with one of them. Zander then said. "Everyone, this is my twin sister, Dawn. Dawn this is.. (and he proceeded with introducing everyone which wasn't a lot of people but enough).

Dawn waved a friendly hello to everyone. Then she said she was going to go get some food and asked if they minded if she sat with them. Everyone said it was fine and she left to get food, came back a few minutes later, and sat down. She and Zander talked about normal sibling things both knowing the more serious stuff would come later when they could talk out of earshot of anyone else.


Doug hadn't noticed his siblings, though he figured Zander was there. He hadn't noticed until someone said. "Hey, wonder what's going on at the nerd table."

It was then he looked towards the table he knew Zander would be sitting at. It was then one of the girls at his table said. "She's pretty. Wonder what she could possibly have to do with them. "

He saw Zander jump up and hug Dawn. A pit of anger formed in his stomach. He was seething but not so anyone could notice. It was bad enough he had to deal with Zander being here but Zander and Dawn. It made him want to almost change schools.

He couldn't figure out why Zander had insisted on coming here and now he really couldn't figure out why Dawn was here when she was supposed to be in London. The two though were always a team. A team he was never part of not like he wanted to be.

"Maybe, we should let her know what else this school has available? Right, Doug?" One of the boys at his table said in an almost slimy tone and if it was anyone else, Doug would have commented some remark back, like about her finding it out in his car or room when he snuck her up there. But this was his sister and instead, the comment made him seethe even more. He shouldn't care, right? Still... He took an unnoticeable breath and said. "Nah, I mean she's hanging out with nerds. Who wants that?' "

The truth was he didn't want guys leering after his little sister, even if he didn't like her, even if he had done the same thing to other girls who might have been the sisters of someone else. This was different it was his sister and as big of a jerk as Doug was he wasn't crossing that line.

He heard "I guess." In almost surprised tone by the guy who had said the comment.

Doug couldn't stomach this any longer, so, he decided to change the subject. "So, who do you think will get first-string football this year?'

As easy distraction as talk changed to football.

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