answers and Operation Blue Sea

Upon hearing JD mention living in Italy. Rose's eyes lit up a bit. She loved Italy. "Well, Italy has its own amazing food, and definitely the coffee there is great." She paused. "How long did you live there? I've been a few times to Italy but never lived there."

Sam glanced at Rose then said. "See you've all met quiet Rose. You mention Italy and she becomes not so quiet Rose."

It was said light-hearted, obviously as a joke, and Rose just rolled her eyes. It might have been part of the reason, sometimes, people mistook them for sisters. She loved Italy so much she planned on living there someday, for a least a while, and studying the art there.

Rose then said. "Ok, I guess I won't talk your ear off about it. Though if you're ever willing to talk more about living there, let me know."

Sam then turned to JD. "Not trying to take over or anything. It'll just be easier for us to get permission." She then asked Heath. "Do you know which teachers would be more willing to chaperon?"

Waiting for the chance to speak JD says in Italian he says “ogni volta che vuoian, or any time you like” He says to rose. Then looking at everyone we can make the beach party trip a team effort the more people we have working on certain things the smother it could go for us." then he smiled "So, Operation Blue Sea is a go for us?” he said jokingly.

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