Meeting Jocelyn

Thomas listened to Blossom and found himself wanting to take a breath for her. It made him smile.
"I've never been to a restaurant that fancy," he said. He completely missed how exciting going to the sixth floor would be in an elevator would be. He assumed everyone had been in large building with elevators.
[i]She made it to state. So she must be good,[\i] he thought to himself. He smiled at her.

When Jocelyn came over, he stared at her hair. Not in a mean way. He wasn't use to hair that blond and he wanted to touch it. He was not use to hair blond enough to be white. It was better than staring at other things, which he did notice that she had. With the event from this morning, he would rather die than be labeled as a creeper.

He let Blossom do the talking and marveled at how easy it was for her. He was a bit jealous. When it was his turn to talk, he said "Hello, I like your hair." It was lame, completely lame. He wanted to stab his fork into his leg for how completely lame it was.

He thought Blossom was cute. He would have liked to seen her with his hair down and the glasses off. He learned that gymnastic girls rarely let their hair down, it takes too long to braid and pinup.

He looked down at his food and started to eat again before he had a physical response to the intellectual and visual stimulants of his environment and needed to stand up. Almost all the girls here were cute, and the ones that weren't cute were in no way ugly. As his mother put it, his brain was being washing by a whole bunch of hormones and being around new girls made it worse, well till he got dumped into the friend zone.

Thomas looked up to see the sharing of food and Ashley putting her hand down on Jack's knee. But from the angle, it looked like she was trying to put her hand elsewhere. He saw Jack's reaction and felt his pain. It wasn't making his physical situation any better. He went back to eating while listening to Blossom and Jocelyn talk. He wasn't going to get detention for not being done and getting to class on time. He needed to avoid his bullies too

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